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Poetry to the virtual hat

Artists and poets from Neuquén raised their voices in solidarity to raise funds and finance the medical treatment of the poet Horacio Bascuñán.


Three editions of the Festival Solidario de Poetry “al sombrero virtual”, with the aim of raising funds for the medical assistance of Horacio Bascuñán . To this end, poets and artists from the province of Neuquén gathered on 26 and 29 May and 2 June to recite their poems. You can still see each of the editions on Raúl Mansilla's Youtube channel. Access to the festivals that collected the funds was free, but minimum financial contributions of 100 pesos were requested (if you want to contribute, at the end of the note we leave the data to make your contribution).

Other poets included Mirta Agostino, Carina Rita Medina, Ricardo Fonseca, Ricardo Costa, Sergio Sarachu, Marta Ramos, Thelma Encina, Héctor Ordóñez Edith Galarza, Germán Gorosito and Cristina Venturini. The truth is that, in addition to allowing fundraising, the show has been a great way to spread regional poetic production.

But who's Bascuñán? Why does the region rise in voices full of poems to help him?

The poet

Bascuñán was born in Lavalle, Chile. As a teenager he liked poetry and read Pablo Neruda and Violeta Parra. He was editor of the newspaperEl Heraldo and, during those years, participated in a poetic group that disseminated political poems - Yeah . He served in the Chilean Communist Party and, during the presidency of Salvador Allende, was the leader of the Central Única de los Trabajadores (CUT). During the coup d'état in Chile, Bascuñán fled his country. He arrived in Argentina escaping the dictatorship of Pinochet and, for that purpose, went through the mountain range on foot.

He has

lived in Neuquén since 1973 and was part of the core of regional artists and his community. Bascuñán joined the Patagonian Writers Center and participated in the edition of the magazine Coirón . He conducted various programs of Latin American music and culture, among others, La Razón del Canto (La Razón del Canto), from the University radio National of the Comahue. A few days ago, Bascuñán also published a book, along with Germán Gorosito, entitledTalabarterías y otros poemas . You can purchase it by email at librolavozdelasombra@gmail.com.

Today, his health is weak and claims to his social work have not had fruit. Her partner, Elena Obregon, accompanied by her daughter, move in various solidarity and cultural activities to meet their attention.

Do you want to contribute? You can contribute with an immediate transfer to the account of Elena Obregon, partner and nickname

Publication Date: 08/06/2020

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