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Patagonian architecture, built heritage (Part 1)

Patagonian architecture also has its own label. Today we tell you about one of the typical houses of this region that works as a museum.


 Patagonia  has a vast landscape of rugged coastlines visited by whales, dreamy lakes and valleys full of charm. The imposing Andean mountain range accompanies throughout this region to this  southern landscape  and its   architecture.

Just as the City of Buenos Aires has been compared with European cities, tourist cities in  Patagonia  show marked alpine reminiscences. Another unequivocal proof  of how twentieth century immigration represented an indelible European imprint on the  architecture  of the different regions of Argentina .

Patagonia's own architectural style emerged from the fusion of European materials and techniques, and premises of modern architecture. To the  mad  e  glass, concrete and sheet metal were added to it.  The gable roofs, so alpine, replicated to let the water from the Patagonian drizzles and  snowfall  slide to the ground.

 Hofmann's Rosa Novak Pioneers Museum 

He was born in 1972 in the coastal town of   Puerto San Julián   in order to preserve the historical and natural heritage of the area. This consists  of a Magellanic style house from the 30s  and has a privileged view of the Santacruceña Bay.

There were preserved pieces of historical,  archaeological , anthropological,  paleontological  and collections of everyday objects of the ancient inhabitants of the place. In addition to that great heritage, paintings and  sculptures  by renowned artists are added.

The areas of greatest interest were, at the time, those referred to the  remains of the settlement “Nueva Colonia Floridablanca”.  This was part of a Spanish crown project that aimed to eternalize its control over the  Patagonian coast . Also the  “Sala del Pionero”  —a memory of the first years of the locality—and the “  Sala Luisa Gimata”  with objects made by the  Aboriginal people .

In another room,  the wood of “La Santiago” stands out,  which was found exactly in the same place where, according to the chronicles, the ship was shipwrecked. This was donated for conservation and exhibition. In addition, you can observe in this room objects belonging to old neighbors and highlights of Puerto San Julián.

SOURCE:  Tiempo Sur 

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Publication Date: 17/06/2020

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