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Non-castrated dogs and females in heat

When uncastrated dogs detect a dog in heat, you will notice dramatic changes in its behavior and overall well-being.

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When uncastrated dogs detect a dog in heat, you will notice dramatic changes in its behavior and overall well-being. Unless we meet the neighbors and they inform us that “Lola” is in heat, the vast majority of the time we don't even know.

Uncastrated males detect females in heat within 4km


A male can sniff the pheromones of a female in heat from a long distance (can be up to 4km). Within a radius of 4 km, can you imagine how many females can be in heat at different times?

The dogs don't sync to get into heat all at the same time, but this week there may be a dog one block in heat, next week another three blocks, tomorrow another around the corner and so on.

An uncastrated male dog will be detecting all those females in heat, over and over again, and undergo strong changes that lead to fall into one or more of the following situations:

Frustration and irritability

  • Every time a dog perceives the smell of a female in heat, it will have anincrease in testosterone production.
  • Testosterone production is also accompanied by an increase in other stress-related hormones such as cortisol. This causes the dog to be more irritable and because it cannot reach the female in heat, then its level of frustration will also increase.
  • Constant hormonal changes in an uncastrated male are one of the main factors that cause a dog to live in chronic stress. As in humans, this can lead to serious illnesses and conditions, as well as diminish the quality of life.

Depression and crying

  • Many dogs really suffer the fact of not being able to follow and reach the aroma that leads them to the female in heat and this leads them to stop eating, to lie down without wanting to do anything like crying or howl constantly.
  • The culprit - again, hormonal changes. The howling and/or barking of a desperate and depressed male can cause problems with neighbors.

Escapism and accidents

  • Females in heat mark more than normal to attract nearby males.
  • With the super smell of dogs, a male can try to follow the trail of that scent and feel so attracted and desperate to find it that he can try to escape from home.
  • Many dogs are lost by following the trail of a female in heat, whether they escape from home, run away in the park, break leashes, cross streets and walk away.

All of the above can lead to terrible accidents such as:

  • ultimate loss of your dog (death or loss)
  • unplanned pregnancies in dogs
  • abandonment of pregnant dogs
    • puppies in the street
    • fights between male dogs because they are all smelling the female in heat and all are undergoing hormonal changes... etc.


    • A male who has detected the aroma of a female in heat, will score more.
    • It is likely that you will even score inside the house in places you don't usually use.
    • This is a behavior that the male cannot contain and is totally natural given the situation.


    • A dog who is suffering from the stress levels of which we already talked about in previous paragraphs, will be much more distracted than usual.
    • This is one reason why many dogs seem “disobedient” when in reality it is chronic stress and hormones that have them “distracted” and “confused”.

    How do you remove it?

    Since we're talking about hormonal changes, there's really not much you can do except take your dog on holiday and “cross your fingers” so there's no female in heat in that place. < !

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    Publication Date: 17/07/2019

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