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"Humour should not be censored."

"Artists have sayings that contradict each other and we are controversial by nature."

"Cómico se nace", says Juan Acosta, one of the most beloved humorists who fills the corners of the country with laughter more than thirty years ago. Luck of Dringue Farías contemporary, that tremendous Buenos Aires standupero before in these coasts the stand up was known, googleen if you don't believe me, Acosta says that the humor was always in his veins, from "that the lady of fifth grade in La Matanza took me by all the school because my verses were funny", affirms who of sharing stages with Alejandro Urdapilleta and Batato Barea happened to be a fundamental of the clan Gasalla, at the beginning of the nineties, with his stainless Naboletti. "Tragic situations make me laugh a lot. For example, being in hospital on the day my mother dies and being asked what the lady is going to have for breakfast", confesses the actor who also stood out in magazine theatre with Moria Casán and Nito Artaza.  Always to the limit, today the front of Polemic in the Rock in National Rock or in samples of his paintings, Juan is every now and then involved in virtual polemics, and of the others, but with the conviction that "artists sometimes have sayings that contradict each other and we are controversial by nature. That is exactly what we cannot betray. It happens that we live in a country of chusmas and fair ladies. You turn on the TV at any time and we are eating the leather among us", he smiles with a grin.

Publication Date: 21/09/2018

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