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Needy mentality

We're always looking and going somewhere we don't have right now.

As we are
We are very trained to always want something different from what we have now. We always lack something. Health, money or love... If we look at our current life we will see that it is impregnated with many desires and pending claims: we want to be loved more, to be treated better, we want to be recognized, we want to have another body, another age... and so many, many more things. We have a permanent "need disability". We grew up with an idea of scarcity that goes deep into us. We are always looking and going somewhere we don't have right now. That's how we travel from day to day. The "needy" mind not only wants more things that are bought with money, but also more love, more freedom, more confidence, more security, more sensations, more experiences, more stimuli, more of something... because it believes that when it has that, it gets rid of the scarcity. But it doesn't happen that way, the mind in the "need mode" never stops because it is a program, a way of living from what it doesn't have now. It is never enough, it always keeps on going towards something, trying, looking for more, with lack on its shoulders. And since many times he doesn't get what he wants, he thinks he doesn't deserve it or that "it doesn't have to be". In other words, in addition to being needed, she adds the painful content of not deserving. It has already found a new conflict. It doesn't have and it doesn't deserve. And in these two places we live, or rather, we survive... The root of the problem of the human mind is the belief that we need something to be better or to be happy. That is false. Because we have already proven that when we had "that" we were not so happy, and if we were, it didn't last as long as we thought and we demanded something new again. And so on thousands of times. To want something is not bad, but if you live from the inner abundance, from a place that recognizes that whether you get it or not, you can continue your immovable state of happiness. To live from scarcity is pure constant dissatisfaction, which is translated into the phrase "Yes, but...". Deciding that what we have and are now is sufficient does not mean that we will not have new adventures, but that we are grateful for this moment which gives us a state of mind of prosperity that will generate new circumstances that will come in addition, as a consequence of our belief and experience of current inner abundance.

Publication Date: 17/10/2018

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