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More than half of domestic dogs and cats are overweight

A survey conducted by Mars Petcare worldwide, yielded interesting results about pet overweight problems.


 London, United Kingdom .Many people control their own  weight  regularly. However, 40% do not know how much your cat or dog weighs. And 22% say he's never weighed his pet. They also suffer from overweight.

new survey conducted by Mars Petcare during the months of January and February of more than 5,300 pet owners has revealed that there is a noticeably scarce understanding of the amount of food cats and dogs need. Or what they should or should not eat. And that most owners have no idea whether their pet is overweight.

While only a quarter of cat and dog owners (24%) have pointed out their pets as obese, when asked if their cat or dog exhibited any of the signs of overweight, 64% indicated that their pet currently has at least one sign of overweight. How to not be able to feel your pet's ribs or have had to loosen his collar.

 The causes 

The key to achieving a healthy weight in our pets has to do with ignoring “ begging ” or their “food orders”. As well as, with controlling the amount of food.

According to the survey:

  • More than half of dog and cat owners always or often give their pets food when they ask (54%)
  • Almost a quarter (22%) of cat and dog owners sometimes overfeed their pets to keep them happy.
  • Only 20% always measure the amount of food you give them.
  • 87%, always or often, give your pet approximately what they think it needs in each serving

Another key factor that may be part of the problem is the strong emotional bond between owners and their pets. Many owners express affection for their pet through feeding. Which can easily lead to the pet consuming more calories than it needs. In fact in the survey, 59% of cat and dog owners said they feel rewarded when they feed them. And 77% said their animal gets excited when they do it.

 The consequences 

Unfortunately, many owners are not fully aware of the consequences of overfeeding their pet. 61% of respondents ignore that overweight pets may be susceptible to diabetes and orthopedic diseases . And this lack of awareness is associated in 53% to the quality of life of pets. And at risk of getting heart disease or having a shorter life .

“Like humans, pets must have a healthy weight,” said Fernanda Serralta, Technical Service Veterinary in Mars Petcare, Argentina. “However, this is a very complex topic that requires understanding. And commitment from both pet owners and veterinarians.”

 Reversing the situation 

Sandra McCune, Scientific Leader for Human-Animal Interaction at Mars Petcare, highlighted that the “survey shows that pet owners are open to receiving more guidance on how to keep their cats and dogs fit and healthy.” He also noted that “the focus of our work at Waltham/Mars Petcare is increasingly finding ways to help homeowners know how to keep their pets healthy and happy.”

It is this sense, the results are optimistic. Reflecting that 72% of respondents said their veterinarian had told them about emotional benefits. And health diet and exercise for your pet. And more than two-thirds of them would like to be advised more actively.

This study then shows that it is necessary to pay greater attention to the weight and feeding of our pets. Because the consequences could be serious. A good start would be to consult the veterinarian to advise us even more on the subject. And get guidelines and advice on healthy weight and eating. To keep our pets healthy.

Publication Date: 06/09/2018

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