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Low Cost Ideas

Deco low cost is not always related to times of crisis or low budgets. It also has to do with ingenuity, with the desire to create and do something different.

The recovery of materials and objects is at the heart of this trend. To put it more simply, everything has a second chance. It is about using noble elements that used to fulfill another function. They can be objects that we have at home, which we find in fleas, municipal markets, American fairs, shops or in homes of relatives or friends.
The proposals are endless, we have to think about what we want to do and put our eye on everything that can help us to carry it out. Let your imagination run wild and take a chance.
In addition to the recovery of materials and objects, another low cost resource is the use of simple elements that help us unconditionally when decorating, redecorating or giving a wash face to our home or workplace.
Some friendly trends of Low Cost
• Hand Made or Crafty, is all handmade and handcrafted. From the economic crisis emerges the trend that dominates the crafts of all times. With an air of exclusivity and awareness, the “hand made” is preferred to the made in China.
• Shabby Chic is the romantic style of pastel colors born in Britain, where the cottages were decorated with old furniture, rescued from small markets, inherited or reused from what was taken out of the city house. Lots of pickling, skating and wholesale crafts.
• Chil Out, inspired by relaxation and relaxation, for indoors or outdoors, is a style stripped of great furniture and accessories, many fabrics, pouffe, carpets and pillows, where candles and scented can not be missing.
• Eco-friendly. The ecological consciousness expands and together with the difficulty of these times arise concepts such as waste recovery, reuse of objects and recycling, an added value to the deco of your home.
• Retro. Red, orange, yellow, with geometric designs, some objects from the 60's, 70's that you can buy at a good price or get there, plus a little mix will help you achieve the demodé effect you are looking for.
• Diy trend. Do not buy, produce, do everything yourself, arises this trend friend of low cost where what you can do for the deco of your home breaks the barrier of creativity, from cushions to furniture.
• Boho Chic Be sure to mix, in bright environments, bold colors, ornaments of all kinds and souvenirs from all sides. It's easy to achieve if there's a bohemian inside you and low budget for the deco.

Source: Deck Magazine

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