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Little Red Riding Hood imposes fashion.

Basket wallets; the latest cry of fashion.


The most famous IT girls have agreed and, of course, the trend took no more than a millisecond to arrive in Buenos Aires: baskets became  fashionable  ! When we thought this kind of material was only for a picnic afternoon, big brands like Dior, Fendi and Jil Sander reinvented it a couple of years ago. Even Chanel has a  vintage  basket bag with chain. And we didn't want to be less here.

This summer, if you want to wear the most basket  look  , leave your wallets at home and make yourself a good basket. The format does not matter: round or square; with metal, velvet or leather applications; small or large; hard or flexible, this season is ideal for use.

In general, they are much wider than larger wallets. And they get along very well with any  outfit  or equipment you wear; as long as it is not formal, obvious. Those weird things, better leave them for  haute couture  parades and international brands.

Sure, you're not gonna walk down the street with a  picnic basket, little eye. Besides you're not going to look very  chic , they weigh millions of kilos.

You can already get them in some deco houses, and also if the old mimbrero passes through your neighborhood, surely has some, at a much more expensive price for your pocket. Leather goods and accessory stores already have them in various sizes and designs so I ran to find yours before summer comes.

How to use them?

  • Wicker wallets look great with natural fibres such as linen,  cotton  and buttons  wood . They fit very well and make a  match .
  • If mixed with a  navy  look (striped garments) looks great. Another way is to combine them with a total  white  or with prints.
  • For spring, they look perfect with jeans and a striped blouse, gives it a spring touch. Just like with long dresses.
  • With summer dresses of steamy fabrics look spectacular and give a beach wave to any look.

If we talk about more formal occasions, there are also options. It depends on the design of the wallet, but it will always work well with a  whole black dress , as it would contrast. Particular attention should be paid to the delicacy of fabrics and cuts. With a basic dress with thin bretels you can give it a more relaxed and  chic touch.  

In the most immediate urban style we have seen the baskets as usual, yes, but also shoulder bags that incorporate this plant fiber, briefcases, multicolored designs and even reinterpretations such as envelopes or  clutches.  The latter go very well for more formal occasions or parties as long as the  outfit is not too eye-catching.

So if you want to wear the latest cry of fashion, next time you visit your grandma's, look at the closet of things that you don't wear, and instead of going with a basket, go back to a  must  this summer hanging on your arm.

Publication Date: 18/04/2018

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