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Laurita Fernández no longer lives with Cabré

Laurita Fernandez and Nicolás Cabre separated? The excellent dancer left the house where she lived with the actor and returned to her apartment.


What about Laurita Fernández and Nicolás Cabré , really???

Only they know, for the moment, but we tell you the details. From what could be a separation?

Turns out Laurita lives in an apartment in Buenos Aires City. And Nico in a house in Pilar. The blonde bomb had moved in with the actor because a water pipe had been broken in his apartment. Then, as soon as she came back from the outside, she moved into his house. We all thought it was an excuse to try a cohabitation... Would it be?

The point is that now, Laurita Fernandez has returned to her apartment in the city. According to her, because they've already fixed the pipe. We don't know what happened. The only clue is that she's half down from social isolation. Which, since he came on a trip before it officially started, had to start earlier. I mean, she's been in isolation for more days than all of us.

All this came to light by chance. The thing is that Cabré went to a supermarket with his daughter Rufina (daughter he had with"La china” Suárez). He was not allowed in and explained that he had no one to leave the minor with. When Laurita was supposed to be in the house. But he wasn't there.

We imagine that the couple is still standing and firm. Let's hope so. Long live love. And that all this is just a normal coming and going in the life of lovers.

Publication Date: 19/04/2020

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