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Sexuality in people with different abilities

Rehabilitating the sexuality of these people is an ethical responsibility towards a suffering human being

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There are many myths about the sexuality of people with different abilities. Considering mental retardation as so infantile that there is no place for sexuality, implies that they are not educated, they are not treated in their growth with the consideration of being sexual, it is punished. When he plays with his own body he is considered asexual and marginalizing; and thus any possible initiative to assume or recognize as being sexued.Considering them also possible rapists, more in the male sex, since they manifest a lot of “instinct” when it comes to mature sexually, causes them to often become sexually reclaim or punish when they begin to have changes in their behavior that indicate hormonal and sexual awakening. This is how these people have altered their family bond, with little socialization, and little or absence of sex education.Knowing that the basic rights of sexuality of people with different abilities are: a) Easy access to information.b) Right to privacy and masturbation.c) Birth control and contraception.d) No abuse by adults.e) Knowledge of STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) These different people are like other integral humans and not people who need to learn a different sexuality. Our duty is to give them tools to work on the basis of their own identity and the valuation of “Self”.“Rehabilitating is not applying a series of restorative techniques; it is a philosophy of medical responsibility.” Rehabilitating the sexuality of these people is an ethical responsibility towards a suffering human being. Not to do so is to condemn him to greater handicap.

Publication Date: 19/09/2018

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