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The need for recovery of the Argentine cultural being

In a deteriorated country, the living spirit of our best artists reminds us who we are and who we were


The cold night of last Saturday 25 August was challenged by an enthusiastic queue that stretched along Rivadavia Avenue and doubled by Bolaños. The cold outside contrasted with the warm inner and human climate that once transposed the doors of the imposing classic Gran Rivadavia theatre, which, filled, generously welcomed the almost two thousand people who wanted to meet their musical heroes, summoned by the poet and journalist Miguel Grinberg as a tribute and recital. The event, named “Wooden Butterflies”, led by Gustavo Lutteral, gave distinctions to attendees and tributes to the figures of Luis Spinetta, Miguel Abuelo, Pappo, and so many other magicians of the soul who have already left us; and allowed beautiful and exclusive musical moments such as the incredibly unbelievably powerful and current meetings of Polyphemus, Soul and Life, Coven, Gear and Porsuigieco. Lito Nebia, León Gieco, Nito Mestre, Raúl Porchetto, Ricardo Soulé, Edelmiro Molinari, Claudia Puyo, Pedro and Pablo, María Rosa Yorio, among others and all the members of the named bands, gave away unforgettable performances that began around 10 pm and finished around 4 in the year.when the tireless audience and generous artists embraced themselves in a applause that had more of mutual gratitude than admiration.Interestingly, the atmosphere of the event was not nostalgic. If in its etymology the “algia” of the word alludes to pain because of what is no longer, rather what was breathed in the armchairs was a sweet joy and intense emotion. Celebrating again listening to music in a theater and not in a stadium, and enjoying poetry and the delivery of artists of deep soul instead of media performances based on visual or technological spectacularity. All artists put the emphasis on speaking and playing on the huge human and cultural plant that Argentina has always been.In an ethically, legally, socially, economically, and affectively deteriorated country, where the idea of neighbor tends to disappear, where the pain of others becomes less the same and more the other, in a detachment curiosity that can be seen through a touch screen, the living spirit of our best artists, those who fought for a better world, those who generated a decisive and fundamental movement for national culture, reminds us who we are and who we were. Then, perhaps, the climate contrast between the cold outside and the heat that pumped the heart of Gran Rivadavia on Saturday night, is a metaphor that serves us not to forget the great country that we can still be. Photo by Andrea Luque

Publication Date: 20/09/2018

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By: lansaldo 20 September, 2018

Que hermosa nota Diego !! Gracias por compartir !!

By: Diego Garrison 12 October, 2018

En respuesta a lansaldo

Gracias Laura!!!

By: dgarrison 12 October, 2018

En respuesta a

Gracias Laura por tu apoyo!!!! Un abrazo grande

By: Lita brizuela 20 September, 2018

Que buenooo!!!tener un yerno que escribe una nota tan lindaaaa.!!! F

By: Nahuel Brizuela 22 September, 2018

No tuve la posibilidad de estar en aquel encuentro, pero casi pude escuchar la música a través de esta redacción.

By: dgarrison 12 October, 2018

En respuesta a

Gracias por tus palabras Nahuel!!Un abrazo grande

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