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People who often "get down"is aggressive?

It is common for people who often "get down", complain and live with a bad image of themselves.

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It is common that people who often "get down", complain and live with a bad image of their own person, do not cause us empathy, approach or tenderness, but annoyance, discomfort and sometimes even anger. Is it possible that we feel aggressed by this kind of people? Indeed, aggressiveness is the key. I speak of aggressiveness and not aggression. Aggressiveness must be understood as a natural energy in the human being. It is neither positive nor negative in itself. It depends on what purpose it is associated with and whether the ego of the person can make an alliance with aggressiveness that is beneficial for its purposes. It is like electricity. An energy neither good nor bad in itself: It can electrocute us or it can turn the motor of a fan and cool us in summer. Defeating a rival in a sport, wanting to win customers to the business of the competition, facing an end of the faculty and having the courage to face a love seduction, are examples of a good alliance between the self and aggressiveness, that is, the latter at the service of the good of the person. On the other hand, people without the energy to face projects, those who live complaining about everything and themselves, people who punish themselves, are examples of the impossibility or difficulty of making an alliance with their own aggressiveness. The aggressiveness that would have to go out, project itself, in the direction of the world trying to obtain achievements, becomes like a boomerang against the person who ends up being a victim of himself and of his own failed aggressiveness. Failed aggressiveness now becomes, yes, aggression in direct forms such as bad character, the tendency to fight or attack others physically and verbally, or indirect forms such as failure, complaint, self-reproach, or even more regressive forms such as hypochondria or psychosomatic illnesses. Within the framework of a therapeutic work, the relationship with one's own aggressiveness can be elaborated, and, if the level of "bajoneo" is very great, look for its reasons, very generally related to a fundamental loss of something or someone very valuable that has not been able to overcome.

Publication Date: 26/09/2018

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By: lansaldo 28 September, 2018

Excelente nota Colega !

By: Lic Diego Soubiate 03 October, 2018

En respuesta a lansaldo

Muchas Gracias, Laura. Un abrazo

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