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The Perfect Formula!

Studying and loving on a beautiful day is one of the most pleasurable sensations a human being can experience.

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One of the most beautiful holidays we celebrate in Argentina is September 21st. Coincidentally it is the student's day and the spring day. When I was a girl it was also Valentine's Day, until we bought Valentine's Day on February 14... (It´s ok, when it comes to partying, I don't analyze so much). Human beings go through life devising axioms that more or less lead us to the attempt to be happy... I receive myself + I get married; I go to live in the countryside + I have a lot of little animals; I quit + I do what I like; I go to live in the city + I do all the postgraduate courses; I work + I travel all my life; I buy a house + I start a family; I separate + I start again, etc., etc.. And so all the possible formulas we can think of will be crossed by our subjective desires. There is one formula in particular that I love which is that of September 21st: student day + spring day + lovers day. It will be that studying and loving on a beautiful day is one of the most pleasurable sensations a human being can experience. This is shown by our young people, who meet every September 21st in the squares of the country, happy not to have to go to school or to the facu (but students at last), and many of them are seen very much in love accompanying the spring bloom. Spring means "first sight". Perhaps at this time of year we can see for the first time what we did not finish focusing on in the previous months. Examples in history show that it is in spring when they express themselves, "bloom", revolutions that had been gestating before (Prague Spring 1968, Arab Spring 2010). It is in each one of us the possibility of awakening any form (formula) of passions, desires, projects, dreams, desire to know, to know, to study and to help those who cost more... We count on the stimulus of the Spring that propitiates them to us...

Publication Date: 21/09/2018

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By: LILIANA 26 September, 2018

Que linda nota ! Tal cual, como dice Palito Ortega en su canción de Primavera, Bienvenido, Bienvenido Amor!!!

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