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The exempt house

What is a house without medianeras, but the best opportunity that an architect has to be defiantly free?


What is a house without medianeras, but the best opportunity that an architect has to be free, defiantly free, without any interference to think the most important relationship of architecture, user — environment? User as a person who gives functional sense to architecture, from use and inhabiting.

An exempt house, it's loaded with intent. It has the maximum possible opportunities for relations with the outside. It depends on the type of environment, the type of landscape, each will have their biased  party  , but that is where the architect has to exploit that natural limitation with the best strategies. Each designer is loaded with his own ideas regarding the appropriation of the environment, depending on how rich the same is, or how many critical and impossible to ignore attributes it has. The exempt house is the summit of the relationship with nature. It makes no excuses to ignore elementary issues, such as orientation, visuals, an income, implantation, tread, appropriation or discretion with the environment.

History constantly renews paradigms about this concept. The relationship between the built and the existing becomes a whole. Beyond how stereoatomic (part of the terrain) or tectonic (respectful platform) is the link with the terrain, there is a thought about the conception of it, understanding its particularities, such as history, visuals, social issues, influence of the architect and the project on the place, etc. that make each work unique, which is the value of architecture.  This work belongs to this place and not to another.  

Publication Date: 02/07/2018

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