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The cultural alternative to the crisis

As Serrat and Benedetti said, "The South exists too."

In these times of crisis it is common to listless, keep and nest at home and get lost in some series. But it is in these moments where it becomes necessary for the body, mind, soul and spirit, to get together, to go out and to be trapped by artistic contents that make us think. In the southern conurbation of Greater Buenos Aires, only 40 minutes from the capital, there is an abundant and unknown offer for most. The Teatral Sur network brings together dozens of theatres and cultural centres that offer a proposal as varied as it is economical and accessible. Musical groups, actors, playwrights, clowns, dancers. Varietés and Milongas. In addition to courses and seminars of any artistic discipline they can think of. In most of these spaces, in addition to a very accessible entrance or cap, there are buffets with home-cooked meals and a friendly bar. The corridor determined by the Banfield, Lomas de Zamora, Temperley and Adrogué stations of the Roca Railway and the Hipólito Yrigoyen and Alsina (or Alte. Brown) avenues that embrace their rails, frame the geography where the magic takes place. At the Teatro de las Nobles Bestias, for example, every Friday night, the Kabeza Theater offers its hilarious varieté with an impressive audience, while other days it is inhabited by other theatrical proposals. In the Shed of Diablomundo, Leila and Quique propose from original plays to milongas and recitals. Matías and Flor, in front of Casa Puchero propose workshops and Espacio Asterisco is characterized by slams (competitions) of poetry, El Nido has a refined proposal oriented to workshops and musical cycles and a distinguished kitchen in its house of German architecture. Ceta Teatro Concert, in addition to its shows, is known as a power plant that generates new talents, as well as the Banfield Teatro Ensamble, from which award-winning shows have come out. Completing the offer are the Bijou Cultural Centre, El Refugio, El Padilla, Teatro Superá and Cultura del Sur (venue for recitals and festivals), to name but a few. When it comes to music, La Rumbadera, Bienvenidos a la Computadora, Pampa Trash, El Alboroto Percusión, Manu Quintans and Facundo Galli are representatives of the southern heartbeat that is heard. Muralists and painters such as Flor Menéndez, Jorge Aranda and Martín Soubiate. Dancers and choreographers such as Gabriel Gerriero, Giselle Dana and Cecilia Cisi offer us a melting pot of possibilities when looking for alternatives to Netflix or mainstream shows. You know, as Serrat and Benedetti said: "The South also exists".

Publication Date: 08/09/2018

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By: laura 09 September, 2018

Gracias por las recomendaciones!!!

By: Maria 09 September, 2018

Interesante artículo sobre la movida cultural del Sur...hay q salir del “agujero interior”

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