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I don't want him to go up to my bed anymore.

If you're responsible for teaching him to get into your bed, the least you can do is be patient.

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Different reasons why a dog goes up to bed: When he

  1. was a puppy you let him sleep in bed with you
  2. He doesn't have a bed of his own
  3. His bed is uncomfortable
  4. You allow him to climb on some occasions (no necessarily to sleep)
  5. You've never taught him not to climb up

How to get him to sleep with you anymore or not to go up to bed?

Step 1: Give him a comfortable dog bed and teach him how to use it.
To teach him how to use his bed, you must reward him every time he gets on it and stay there for a few seconds. Never scold him and say “go to bed or go to your place” as a way to punish him. His bed should be a nice place for him.

  • Possible problem: if you start to play with your bed (bite, shake, ride, etc) at that moment you remove the bed and you will only put it back in place when it's time to sleep and know that he is already relaxed.

Step 2: Show him the command “down”
Don't shout and shout him out of your bed, motivate him to get out of bed with a toy or his favorite prize and when he's coming down tell him “down”.

Step 3: Limit access
When you can't monitor it, close your bedroom door and restrict access to the bed. It won't help if when you're gone, he can keep getting into bed.

Step 4: Patience and dedication
If you are constant with the exercises your pet will learn faster than you imagine. If you fail or do it one day if and another day not, then you will never learn that you should not climb into your bed.

During the night:

If the problem is that he climbs into your bed until you are already asleep, then you should leave him out of your bedroom and close the door. If he cries, scratches etc, you'll have to ignore it. If his barking, crying or scratching the door bother you and you decide

  • to: a) scold him, get up and take him to his bed
  • b) open the door and give up the task with a “it's okay today sleep with me”

In either case you'll be reinforcing that behavior. What your pet was looking for was your attention and whether it gets a scolding or an invitation to pass, it achieved its purpose. Ignoring bad behavior is the key. You'll see that it doesn't take three days before I stop insisting on wanting to sleep with you.

If you're responsible for teaching him to get into your bed, the least you can do is be patient.

Source: Super Puppies

Publication Date: 10/06/2019

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