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How to use the oversize style without adding two sizes

Forget about discomfort and narrowness, this season XXL patterns and male cuts are worn.


 Try to understand the  trend  
A good idea to get into the oversize style is to choose a fairly spacious sack, sweter, diver or shirt and combine them with other more slim garments, which manage to show the actual width of your silhouette. It's about always playing with proportions. A mini bag, straight pants, and a sack rolled up, showing leather.

 Basic standard: it's not about buying two more sizes 
No need to have a size or a special body type to wear oversized garments, everything is on your head and within the limits you put on. It is a mistake to think that the tighter you are, the more feminine you are; attitude is what counts.
However, everything that glitter is not gold. For some women oversize clothing becomes a double-edged sword, since it is very easy to understand it erroneously. Many use it as a method to “disguise” extra kilitos and combine it in a way that they achieve the opposite effect. Playing with volumes on garments means knowing a series of tricks to get this trend to favor you.

 If it is oversize, yes 
The first tip to know how to wear oversized garments is the simplest of all: buy clothes with an oversized design. By this we don't mean you buy one or two more sizes to make it look oversized, the cut and the piece will not be the same. It is not about simulating that effect with garments of other sizes.

 Play with the proportions 
An oversized outfit with the seams and curves in the wrong place can play against you, as if you bought the wrong size. An oversized garment with a tighter garment always comes well. Wearing two garments of the same intensity (i.e. XL) in the same look can be very unflattering.
If you choose a shirt of large dimensions, try to balance its volume by wearing a tighter pants or jersey. Don't forget to put the upper garment inside the waist: it's the key to making all of the above work. Lean on accessories such as belts to keep the figure visible, and elegant and discreet accessories.

Show wrists and ankles counteracts oversize and makes you look slimmer, that's why oversized garments are worn rolled up. This also works with the jeans wheels; show the ankles and balance the whole look.

 Give it height! 
Every time you want to show off a slender figure, climb on a couple of tacos. They will give you that key effect to stylize your body, which is sometimes lost in oversize looks. An old trick to lengthen the silhouette that never fails!

Source: Clara

Publication Date: 29/03/2019

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