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How to prevent my dog from pulling me on the leash?

Does the dog “throw” us or do we “shoot” him? We both have one end of the leash. Did you have the problem upside down?

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 Does the dog “throw” us or do we “shoot” him? We both have one end of the leash. Did you have the problem upside down? 

Dogs tend to pull for three very simple reasons:

  1. Because the leash is too short.
  2. Because they die of wanting to reach “whatever” they're sniffing at that moment.
  3. Because they manage to keep moving.

Before walking a dog we should all understand a little about his needs, emotions and desires. With only an hour and a half to devote ourselves to studying a correct resource, it would be enough to start the relationship with the right foot.

By having a greater understanding of the dog's senses and above all their sense of smell, we could understand why most dogs that are walked with short leashes, pull and pull if it matter that causes pain or punishments.

Dogs do not throw on the walk because they want to dominate the human, nor do they need to walk next to us. The current of study that supports these claims IS OBSOLETE! Walking together is an excellent control exercise that has safe and useful applications such as crossing the street, passing through narrow places, etc. But forcing dogs to walk next to us throughout the walk is something we should never do, to better understand this point, it's as if you were taking a child to Disney and telling him that he must be walking next to you throughout the ride and that he can't get on any game or buy anything. Can you imagine the frustration of that child? That's pretty much like what dogs feel when we don't allow them to “be dogs” during the walk.

How to achieve a ride WITHOUT jerks?

Very easy...

The Technique

The secret is to achieve good communication with your dog on the walk. To do this, you must follow the following three recommendations:

  1. It marks the direction and you set the pace - the idea is to accompany your dog on the walk. Dogs need to sniff and explore the world with their senses and get bored of being at home all the time (even when they have a garden) so it is vital that when you take it for a walk, let him go where his nose takes it (of course not in the middle of the street or in risky areas). If he goes ahead of you on the ride, nothing's wrong! he is focused on his dog affairs;)
  2. If at some point the leash gets tense (and your dog tries to pull) — what you need to do is stop completely. Your dog should learn that if he feels tension on the leash, they will not advance and he will not get where he wants, but if the leash is loose and without tension, he can continue to explore without problem. So if you pull, stop 100% and don't advance until your dog alone makes some movement that relaxed the tension of the leash. At that time, when there is no tension anymore, continue to walk. You must be constant. The first days you will surely stop every 10 steps but if you follow this technique, in a week you and your dog will improve communication tremendously and in two weeks, you will see that it is another story.
  3. If they find another dog on their way - let your dog sniff and greet the other dog. During the meeting it is important that the strap is loose and without tension, otherwise the encounter may also become “tense”.
  4. If the street bank is nearby, anticipate — Stop a few meters before your dog can reach the street bank. When you stop the leash will be tightened. At that time call your dog enthusiastically and when he comes to your call, give it up (we suggest that from now on take delicious prizes on the walk to reward your dog every time he attends your call). Once you have your dog next to you, cut out the length of the leash and walk with your dog “together” to cross the street.
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Do not despair and throw away the bad habit of pulling your dog for everything. Whenever you feel the urge to pull, stop and call him effusively, give him the opportunity to respond to your signals instead of forcing it without even taking it into account. Dogs are much more sensitive, intelligent and willing than we usually believe. Give him the place he deserves and give him the opportunity to learn you will be amazed!

Source: Super Puppies

Publication Date: 04/05/2019

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