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How to make a cat more sociable

Discover some tricks to make your pet more sociable!


Some felines are more suspicious and suspicious and are frightened or indifferent to who is not their favorite human, discover some tricks to make your pet more sociable!

The form of communication is, perhaps, one of the issues that most differentiates the character of dogs  and cats. Although every animal is a world, it is common to find more suspicious and suspicious felines, even in their own home. Some are even unexpressive about their human family, showing indifference to calls of affection and pampering.

We teach you some tricks to make your cat more sociable and how to prevent mistrust in cats.


Cat and dog. Girls are walking with a Yorkshire terrier and a cat

 Early socialization is the most important thing and the greatest way to prevent a cat (or any animal) from being suspicious and lonely. A lack of norms and improper socialization will make our cat appear unpleasant and sometimes aggressive. We must teach him from childhood to behave, to be polite and to express his affection for his human and animal family.

Try not to generate a unique companion

Portrait of an happy couple playing with their siamese cat on the couch. Shallow depth of field, focus on the man

Acorrect educationwill make our cat createpositive ties with the whole family. It is common for some animals to have a favorite family member, and for all their affection and pampering to focus on that human. However, it is preferable that in an early education family members are shown as similar, and that the cat learns to behave kind and affectionate towards everyone.

Attention and affection

Any show of sincere and frequent attention and affection towards our pet will gradually gain confidence and approach us with interest and desire to be with us.

A feline companion: Two better than one

Despite traditional belief, cats feel much happier with a feline companion who will keep them company when you're not home. The company of another cat makes cats look much more relaxed and happy, and such a good attitude will also improve their behavior towards people.

Caresses and games

Caresses and games are essential for our pets to learn to interact with us and be receptive. Toys that encourage your curiosity and creativity are the best to make crumbs with our cat. < !

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Publication Date: 14/08/2019

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