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How should I walk my dog?

We all know that dogs need to walk, but the truth is that few know the real needs of a dog during the walk.

We all know that dogs need to walk, but the truth is that few know the real needs of a dog during the walk. Below we share a list of tips to achieve the ideal walk with your dog:

Remove jerks

Dogs tend to throw for three very simple reasons:

  1. Because the leash is too short.
  2. Because they die of wanting to reach “whatever” they're sniffing at that moment.
  3. Because they manage to keep moving.

Walking is not the same as the “walked together”

Dogs do not “throw” on the walk because they want to dominate the human, they also do not need to walk next to us. The current of study that supports these claims IS OBSOLETE! Walking together is an excellent control exercise that has safe and useful applications for crossing the street, passing through narrow places, etc. But forcing dogs to walk next to us throughout the walk is something we should never do. To better understand this point, let's give an example:

Imagine that you take a child to Disney and tell him that he must be walking next to you throughout the ride and that he can't get on any game or buy anything. Can you imagine that child's frustration? That's pretty much like what dogs feel when we don't allow them to “be dogs” during the walk.

Ideally, dogs need to have absolute release during the walk for at least half an hour. This will serve to meet your particular needs; for example, some will have more concern to explore the environment, while others will run; others will prefer to sniff around.

Forcing all dogs to do the same during the walk is like asking everyone to study the same race.

We must look for a safe place to be confident to release them from the leash at least for a while and observe them, almost without talking, controlling only the safety aspects. To get your dog released during the walk, you must first reinforce the coming to the call.

Frequency of the ride: every day

All dogs, regardless of their size, breed or age, need to walk EVERY DAY, without exception. Why? The answer is simple: the day is 24 hours and being a dog and spending those 24 hours inside a house, it's terrible! Can you imagine being locked in a place without internet, no books, no television, no games, nothing to do? You'd get frustrated quickly, get irritable, and you'd probably start destroying things or eating your nails. For dogs it is not much different.

The main cause of behavioral problems is lack of ride. Not enough walking or having stressful walks can cause behaviors such as: scratching and biting plants, doors, furniture, objects, excessively barking, aggressive behaviors derived from high levels of frustration and irritability, separation anxiety, among many others.

To avoid all this, walk your dog with love and dedication every day for at least 1 hour.

The ride must be RECREATIONAL

A recreational walk is where your dog can explore the world, sniff its surroundings, meet dogs in a relaxed way, play and walk beside you without pressure.

Walking should not hurt or be stressful

One of the main mistakes we usually make is to walk our dogs on the leash holding the collar.

Ideally, put the leash on a harness or chest. The use of a harness or breast chest considerably reduces the stress that a dog feels during the walk.

Dogs know when they have a leash on and are fastened. The moment they find something that makes them nervous during the walk (like another dog or an unknown person), they feel trapped and that increases their level of reactivity. This is reflected in aggressive behaviors such as showing teeth, growling, barking in excess and avalanzating towards the stimulus that is causing stress. If the dog feels freer or less “trapped”, he will know that he has the option to move away from what scares or threatens him.

Source: Super Puppies

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