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How not to look like a frigobar with a slim fit suit.

This slim fit wave created by Hedi Slimane, or slim fit, is not for anyone, but we all want to wear it.

slim fit

This  slim fit  wave created by  Hedi Slimane  , or slim fit, is not for anyone. But we all want to use it.

The biggest problem is that it's a  fashion  for high, and most of us are not. Then everything makes you lower. Above all, the  costumes .

Let's look at a couple of tips for wearing a slim fit suit, but with  elegance .

The bag is normally short and the top button is located under the navel. Then remember to choose a sack whose first button is above your navel, so your legs will look longer.

Also look for a model in which the notch of the flaps is as high as possible, in order to “gain” height.

With regard to the trousers, you should look for one that has adjustments to the sides of the waist, to prevent it from falling too much and badly. The belt is going to become an accessory, which you can wear if you feel like it; and it won't become a must.

Don't leave a lot of  cloth at the bottom. Some wrinkles, if you want to be fashionable, but the more wrinkled, the lower you will look. Remember that the back should reach the taco, being longer than the front.

The slim fit with its slim fit tends to make us look more muscular and that's what seems to be the secret of your success. But it may also make us look like Cindor's avenger box. So not to overdo it.

 What does Slim Fit really mean?  

No matter the garment, the slim fit is everywhere. So what does “slim fit” actually mean?  Below we will detail the features of this style.

When you buy a slim fit suit, the purpose is to enhance the shape of your body . As the name suggests, it is a suit fitted to your body with very little excess fabric.  The following photo shows the difference between a slim fit suit and a regular fit suit in both trousers and bags .

slim fitslim fit

 The American 

 The bag should be adjusted to your body with some room to move.  You don't want the bag to feel like you're in a straitjacket and you couldn't move freely, it should  embrace your body.   Remember, a “Slim fit” jacket doesn't have to be too tight or too  small, but it should not be too loosely enough to look like a diver to do gymnastics.

 The pants 

Just like your jacket, your pants must fit your figure, but with possibility of movement .  The legs of the trousers should be fitted.   It is likely that if you buy it in a store you will have to take it to a tailor to fit it to the contour of your legs. That is why it is best to make a tailor-made suit to make sure that all these details are taken care of from the beginning.

 The sleeves 

Like the legs of the trousers, the sleeves of the sack should be more tight . They will be tighter on your wrists than classic regular fit sleeves.

 A slim fit suit, favors most silhouettes , because it adapts to the shape of the body and does not have much excess fabric that adds unwanted kilos.

The model that triumphs among young people

The Slim-Fit has been a way for boys and young people to discover the pleasure of wearing a good suit. While before the young people fled from the tailoring shop because they saw her demodé, now it seems that they grabbed her by the gustito. They have found in this model a way to go to their most formal events, feeling comfortable and comfortable with what they wear.

The Slim-Fit suit is characterized by being fitted and worn with narrow ties . Even sometimes we can see them without a  tie .  And this is the only case where it is accepted that this plugin is not used. For work, for job interviews, for special occasions. The most important thing when choosing a suit is  to know your morphology very well and know what suits you right or wrong.  

Publication Date: 21/04/2018

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