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How does fashion affect your own trust?

Fashion is much more than presumed and self-absorbed people: it is a lifestyle, a channel to trust and empowers you.

Como afecta la moda

Honestly, I think very much that clothes have an incredible power to influence a person's trust ; to the point that it can turn you into a much stronger person.

Yes, for me fashion was always and is a phenomenon . In fact, there is a scientific term that describes this saying: Cognition locked up. 

Basically, it is defined as a certain influence of clothing on the cognitive process of any person. And what would this mean to us? I can tell you in a nutshell, that the clothes we decided to wear, almost always has a big impact on how we think and how we feel.

For example, remember now your last job interview; most likely, you have worn professional business clothes and you may not have noticed at that time, but choosing that suit made you feel much safer and ready to take that place, at that time.

Now, if you happened to show up in that interview with the same clothes you came out of bed that day, I'm sure you wouldn't have felt as good with the position as you would have felt. Incredibly, there are even a lot of people who dress properly, even for phone interviews! And this is undoubtedly due to the mental impact we each have.

Also, imagine fashion week or any other event where you are invited and you know that people will be dressed in an X. Given the environment, you would appear in beautiful conditions without a doubt, because that would place you in a much safer place, whether it is to create contacts, relate and even to collaborate with others. bloggers and brands.

I have no doubt that fashion affects us all, every day, in different ways and clearly, the theoretical example I shared with them from the job interview, is a no-brainer. But, however, locked cognition  does affect us every day. And that is one of the reasons why fashion has so much value in everyone's life.

From the moment we wear clothes, we are participating in fashion . Think about the feeling we often have when buying a new garment or a pair of shoes and how excited we feel afterwards, simply to incorporate it into our wardrobe.

My intention in this note, is that the next time you need to choose your new outfit, remember to decide it with confidence and don't worry about what anyone else might think of you.

The idea is that you dare selfishly. The fact that you do it with something you like a lot, has a direct impact on how you wear it and on your trust. Do not let the opinions of others around you define how you should look and what is “appropriate”.

I assure you that only this little psychological change I shared with you can have a big impact on your life. Just watch, how fashion affects self-confidence.

Here are some inspiring outfits :

 That's the real magic of fashion! 

Source: “My words” by  Victoria Becci 

Publication Date: 16/04/2019

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