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Holidays with our friends

When we plan the holiday, we see where we can go to rest and charge the batteries with our pets.


When we plan the vacation, we start to figure out where we can go to rest and charge the batteries, with our pets, obviously.

Argentina is the country with the most  pets  per inhabitant in the world, that is why, for us, it is essential to have friendly options for our furry companions. Traveling around the country with them goes beyond pleasure; it is a necessity.

We see that today there are a wide variety of services available. In fact, as a result of the increase in user interest, in the last year there was a 30% increase in lodging offers in Argentina. The tourism industry is adapting. So we have an idea: 70% of cottages, houses and accommodations across the country accept pets at no additional cost. While in hotels it is a bit more restrictive: there are about 600 in all Argentina that are  pet friendly .

In 2015 the first canine beach in  Mar del Plata  was inaugurated (Balneario “Yes! ”) with exclusive toilets, caregivers, bag dispensers and shovels. For this season a new pool for dogs was inaugurated.

In Buenos Aires  Palacio Duhau Park Hyatt  has a program called VIP Program ( Very Important Pet s) that offers luxury stay for pets, with a specific menu, hairdressing service and a walk in the city. Supports dogs up to 5 kilograms.

What does a pet-friendly establishment mean?

  • They welcome us with pleasure.
  • They have appropriate facilities for their stay.
  • Vehicles are with the appropriate safety regulations for your transfer.
  • And the beaches or lodgings have the right infrastructure to keep them comfortable, well cared for and happy.

Another issue to keep in mind is the transfer of pets. This varies depending on the chosen transport.

Airplanes.  Aerolíneas Argentinas  allows the transfer of pets in the cabin for cabotage and regional flights, and provided that the animal has more than 45 days of life and does not exceed the 9 kilos. It is considered “accompanied baggage” and must be transported in appropriate caniles according to IATA (International Air Transport Association) regulations. It is only allowed for travel within the country and on direct or non-stop flights.

In LATAM you can take dogs and cats in the cabin or in the cellar, depending on availability. You must also travel in an authorized container and cannot be sedated. If you are traveling in the cabin, a certificate from the veterinarian is required with a maximum validity of 10 days before the trip. In all cases you must have rabies vaccine applied and be dewormed.

In the case of lacing dogs, which guide blind people can travel in the cabin free of charge and regardless of size and travel at the feet of their owner. This requires an explicit procedure and request to the airline by the passenger, prior to the trip.

Micros. Pets cannot be transported. In long-distance micros, today the current regulations allow only the lacarillos, which travel at the foot of the disabled person who they accompany.

Car. SENASA states that anyone travelling around the country with their pet by any means of transport must carry the animal's anti-rabies vaccination certificate. When it comes to crossing the border by car, pets must have a veterinary certificate.

Now there are many possibilities in the country to travel with our pets, share with them this long-awaited time of the year and keep checking that that we are inseparable.

Publication Date: 19/04/2018

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