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Having a rabbit as a pet

Would you like to have a rabbit as a pet? This little animal also needs your specific care.


Would you like to have a rabbit as a pet? This little animal also needs your specific care.

In addition to the usual pets such as dogs and cats, every day you can see  more types of pets  in homes. And specifically, and in this case, we can see  how you can have a rabbit as a pet .

 The day to day of this rabbit , is very quiet: he spends a lot of time outside the cage and even walk him down the street with a harness , just like if it were a dog. This way, they get used to it and can  take it on vacation . In the evenings he sleeps in the cage and during the day he walks around the house.

If we choose to have a rabbit as a pet, we will  have to be careful with several aspects . If it rains, we will not be able to take it to the street, as  rabbits are not recommended to get wet . In addition, when taking the rabbit for a walk, you  have to be very careful with the dogs  that we can find walking along the street.

In addition to the rabbit, in this case we can find several pets: a turtle and a dog. As far as  coexistence is concerned, they have  no problem since the dog has become accustomed since childhood to the presence of the rabbit, and the turtle is all the time on its tray.

As can be seen in this case, thanks to the presence of pets in homes,  children acquire certain responsibilities  from a small age. In addition, the presence of a companion animal in a house always gives a lot of  company , be it rabbit, dog, cat or any other pet.


Publication Date: 27/07/2019

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