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Good practices for you and your dog

Share a more stable and healthy life with your pet.


 Take rests/naps 

Because of a long walk during the day, dogs usually take breaks. They are naps that usually do not involve deep sleep; other than night rest, when everyone sleeps and the environment is quiet.

We could do something similar, when we finish doing some activity or even after work, we can take a moment to rest the body and disperse the mind. A practice that will certainly help us prepare to calmly address our routine day, afternoon or night activities.

 Drinking water to quench thirst 

Water is an indispensable element for all forms of life that exist on our planet. Both for us and for dogs, water gives us hydration, it is vital to be able to lead a full and healthy life.


Ideally, we drink water before feeling thirsty, anticipate yourself with a thermos or glass of water, try to leave soda or fresh water for another occasion. If you are one of the people who do not like the  taste  of water, then imagine that three glasses of water a day will help you improve the performance of your physical and mental body.

 Walking daily 

All dogs need to enjoy the outside, no matter where they live (apartment, house or country), walk and tour the world.


We can share that taste with them, as the benefits of walking are amazing. Walking is the only exercise that benefits the body without straining the heart, strengthens the muscles of the legs, revitalizes and cleanses the circulatory system. And if that were not enough, walking also contributes to increased body oxygenation.

 Search for the shadow 

During hot and sunny days, dogs often look for the shade of trees or roofs, either during a walk in the park or beach, or maybe even after being in the garden or patio.


Interestingly we should do the same to protect ourselves from UV rays during very sunny days.

 Fact: Dermatologists recommend decreasing sun exposure from 10 am to 4 pm, as it is the time when UV rays' stick 'more intensely. 

 Learn more about our communication 

All dogs communicate in a particular way — with their different variables — and the communication they have between them is the same as they use to communicate with us, just as we use our ways to communicate what we want — name them: Max, learn exercises: sitting, down... — they use their body language to tell us how they feel with us — a dog who squats his ears and shows his teeth may be saying: I don't feel safe, stay away or I can bite you.

If we recognize the situations that stress our pet, we can anticipate and avoid moments that stress us both.


Recognizing when our dogs feel comfortable, will be part of the secret to achieving good communication with them. Remember that they can get to know our emotions (they know when we're sad or angry) so we too can come to decipher them and start communicating better.

 Fact: Body language is also called kinesic behavior. It is a form of communication that occurs through conscious or unconscious gestures and movements, plays a very important role in the communication of most mammals and there are many similarities in the communication styles of each species on our planet, including us. 

 Enjoying Being Outdoors 

Imagine that by the art of destiny, your dog would learn to use the computer and managed to entertain himself. What do you think he would choose between staying at home and surfing the net and going out to the park to play? Of course I wouldn't think twice: I'd choose to GET OUT. For them to be outside walking, playing and/or socializing is much better than being locked up at home.


What happens on the street, park, beach or forest can never happen inside the house; sunrise or sunset are events that can only be appreciated in the open air. Sunset can be the perfect pretext to plan a walk with your pet. Admire the landscape, reflect, approach the roots of nature and enjoy life with your pet!

 Cultivate friendship and show your affection 

We and dogs, are social species.


Friendship is a natural and totally sincere feeling, for years it has been considered something rare to find, not because there are no individuals with qualities and values to be our friends, but because sometimes we overlook the factors that indicate when it is necessary to cultivate a true bond of friendship.

Appreciating the company and the sincere moments is something we can do with our pets, this will reveal to us that their friendship is unique on this planet. Learning to communicate with him, it will bring you closer to his world and strengthen the link that already exists between them.

Try to those you love the most and don't forget to mention every day how happy it makes you be in the company of the most loved ones in your life. Don't be sorry to show your true feelings, they're yours and no one else will have them, enjoy them!

 Remember that friendship not only adorns our lives, but also notices the various nuances that there are it. 

 Live the moment 

We know that dogs don't spend their free time thinking about the past the same way we do. They are always willing to do the things that have the most fun and taste, despite almost everything; walk next to you, play with those of their kind, eat or sleep. Instead, it is hard for us to stop being sad or angry — perhaps because of our repetitive quality of thinking/reflecting and remembering events. So how is it that dogs do it, despite everything? They use the learning of the past to apply it to the present, classify experiences mainly as “bad” and “good”, so they will repeat the things that lead them to achieve something good, and avoid repeating what causes them a bad experience. As if they were using a scale to determine what they're really going to enjoy the most. Great, right?


 Share a more stable and healthy life with your pet. Make good practices part of your routine life! 

Source: Super Puppies

Publication Date: 11/05/2019

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