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From accountant to make-up artist “influencer”: the story of Vicky Zavalia

This young businesswoman claims there's no way you're going wrong if you love what you do and she tells us why...


Her name is Maria Victoria Zavalia, but in the networks everyone knows her as Vicky Zavalia and at 31 she is a young a businesswoman who keeps growing.

Originally from Santiago del Estero, he began with his project 9 years ago in Córdoba, but as the roots always pull... He went back to Santiago and exploded!

He started doing social makeup at home and at home, also teaching self-assembly. After generating a solid clientele in both provinces, he opened his own studio where they are currently a team of 5 professional makeup artists. They teach professionally, perform social makeup and sell products related to the field.

“ I consider it a place where any woman would like to be, we pamper them and highlight their beauty. a place where my team, me and the clients had a great time.”

Her province always supports her very much, the newspaper of Santiago"El liberal” accompanies her with the dissemination of the work they are doing.

Since a girl attracted the artworld, she loves what she does (and you notice) started with a a clear objective to see how so many women began to demand their services in the interior of the country. She

recognizes that it is very difficult to undertake at the moment, but that she always focuses on transmitting her passion for her profession and that is what keeps her in constant motion.

Vicky begins to climb internationally - Punta del Est, United States of America

She was summoned to make up during the super parade that takes place every summer in Punta del Este “Six O'Clock”. This is a traditional and exclusive event that brings together the best of national and international fashion, created by Carminne Dodero that promotes Argentine design. The appointment was at the 5 star hotel Punta del Este Resort & Spa in La Barra, hundreds of people were present.

As a result, Vicky makes an interesting reflection about training as professionals so that we pass on to his followers:

“This profession takes a lot of day to day, creating and be permanently updated. I had and have the opportunity to invest in specialized

Publication Date: 10/08/2019

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