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Four Argentines, winners of the Copa Libertadores

Cometti, Stabile, Vallejos and Martelli won the continental title alongside Atletico Huila, who beat Santos on penalties

On 14 November, one day after qualifying for the 2019 World Cup in France, Aldana Cometti and Eliana Stabile set off for Manaos, Brazil, with a new goal in mind: the Copa Libertadores. There they met up with their Atletico Huila team-mates, the only Colombian representatives in the competition. Two more Argentines are part of the squad: Fabiana Vallejos and Lucía Martelli. The road to the title began with a 3-0 win over Uruguay's Penarol. All three goals were Albicelestes: Stabile, Cometti and Vallejos scored in their debut. Continuing in Group A, Atletico Huila suffered their only defeat of the tournament, losing by a narrow margin to Brazil's Audax. In the final matchday of the group stage, it was a 3-1 win over Unión Española of Ecuador, with another goal from left-footed Stabile. Huila thus qualified in first place in Group A, tied on points with Audax but favoured by the number of goals scored. The home side, Iranduba, appeared to be the obstacle to overcome in the semi-finals. The Brazilians took the lead 26 minutes into the first half and, with four minutes left in the match, Argentina's Martelli scored the equaliser. The match was defined in the shots from the penalty spot. There, the Colombian team won 3-1, with Stabile and Vallejos scoring for the win. Santos, champions of the 2009 and 2010 editions, waited for the final. It was not a good start for Atletico Huila, who found themselves at a disadvantage from the start of the match. The equality came at the beginning of the second half and, again, the definition came on penalties. Stabile, Vallejos and Cometti scored for the 5-3 that determined the champion. The national team's defender, Aldana Cometti, spoke with the AFA website after winning the Cup: "It was a very intense month, very busy and very nice to live in. When we came to Huila we set ourselves two goals: World Cup qualification and the Copa Libertadores. Luckily, it was given to us. Sharing this with Eliana (Stabile) makes me very happy, she's a great team-mate. It's nice to be able to enjoy these moments with people like that. When my parents told me they wanted to come to the Cup, I took their tickets for 3 December without hesitation. I felt and knew that we could achieve it, that we had a goal and a good team to reach the final ... And also to win it. Now it's time to enjoy, celebrate, rest, be with the family and then think about next year's goals. We also need to be attentive to the World Cup draw. We want to know what teams we have in the group. Source: AFA  

Publication Date: 10/12/2018

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