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Football: myths of the regulation Vol I.

Do you want to know the rules so you never miss an argument in coffee again? Get into this note.


The editors of Ser Argentino, people try and very nice by the way, asked me, aware that in the prehistory of my life it occurred to me to study (“studying” is a way of saying) sports journalism, to write a series of sports notes but do not talk about the current (I'm not able to do it) but interesting things or events that have remained in history. One of the first themes on which we agreed was banishing myths about football regulations, which eventually became encysty and many already give for certain. Let's see.

 1) On one side, the one who pulls out can not step on the line.  

False. In fact, the rule says that a part of each of the feet (both must be on the ground at the time of pushing the ball) should be above the lime line. The striking thing about this myth is that the rule says precisely the opposite.

 2) If a player makes time to take out the side, the referee charges it for the other team. 

Not only is it false, but I can't think of where this confusion may have come from. No decision changes equipment because the first “refuses” to do so. In case the denial is deliberate, at most the player is admonished (and if he was booked he expels him), but never changes sides.

 3) The captain may argue with the referee. 

No way. Not only can he not, but he is in charge of ensuring that the rest of his companions do not do it either. The captain is usually given to “talk” a little more with the referee than the rest (he is usually an experienced and serene player), but if he argues he has the same risk of penalty as his teammates.

What did the myths seem to you? Can you think of someone else? Be aware that at any time the second installment is coming. Play!

Publication Date: 16/02/2019

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