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Five ideas for modern living

We leave you some keys to achieve the modern style you are looking for for your living room.

  1.  Little space : For the decoration of small livings you have to try to avoid extremely large furniture, because the larger they are, the less space you will have and the smaller your  living room will look like.  Another tip : try to use light colors on the walls to generate a sense of spaciousness.
  2.  Less is more : I kept simple lines and simple colors to decorate a  minimalist living room. Avoid having many personal belongings in the living room, instead, you will need to have separate space to store your personal items. Remember the motto of minimalism: less is more.
  3.  Industrial air : If you love this  factory style, your friendly palette will be neutral colors and a lot of white, black and gray. In this design both blocks and iron beams dominate, while warmth is provided by wooden furniture.
  4.  Scandinavian love :  Scandinavian  style livings are the trendy design today. The tip is to limit colors and try to use natural materials such as wood, so that everything is in balance. To complement, you can use materials such as wool to make the living room a little more cozy.
  5.  ULTRA MODERN : Luckily there are thousands of ways to improve the appearance of your living room and make it a modern space. Small details always make a big difference: ceramic sculptures, table fountains or ornaments with stones are always a great idea to move from a living room without personality to a modern and lively living room.

Source: Revista Deck

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