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Every province should have such a monument.

It is a symbol, there is no doubt, it exceeds the regional, it is an icon of the country.


It is a symbol, there is no doubt, it exceeds the regional, it is an icon of the country. On the banks of Paraná, in the place where what he honors happened,  Manuel Belgrano  implanted the flag of Argentina for the first time. The inauguration was on June 20, 1957. He has been there for 61 years attracting tourists, mostly national, echoing the patriotic feeling of love for colors.

The authors are  Bustillo and Angel Guido . Both architects; the latter more of the urban club,  Bustillo , a little more artistic. Perhaps it is as successful as a representative and social icon, due to this conversion of ideas in design and implementation decisions. It has a tower 70 m high, with a viewpoint at the top and a crypt in homage to the procer. A civic courtyard and a propylene make us foyer at the top of this consecration. In total 140 meters long and 50 meters wide are the ones that form the whole.

One million pesos was allocated for their contest and the winners crowned their idea with the motto “Invicta”, perhaps referring to the mission of  Manuel Belgran or to create the flag and take care of it, as well as to the area where the monument was implanted, consolidating the border with the Parana. The work as a whole symbolizes the ship of the Fatherland flying through the waters of the sea of eternity in search of a glorious destiny. Through the different sculptural ensembles, economic, spiritual, historical, geographical and telluric values of our nation are represented.

Materials mostly are bronze, travertine marble and other metals to a lesser extent. They were all donated.

It was a good initiative, as good as it was ephemeral in a plan to generate national unity from colors. All provinces should have a monument in honor of what represents us most globally, in all disciplines, and of this architectural and iconic hierarchy.

Publication Date: 31/05/2018

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