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Enjoying walking my dog

Sharing the walk with our dog is very important, and for this we need to take into account some issues.

Sharing the  walk  with our dog is very important, and for this we must take into account some topics to enjoy the experience. We need to make ourselves the right time to develop the activity without a hurry.

First, it is necessary that at the time of putting on the  leash , which if possible should not be very long to have more control, to be calm and not anxious. If he's upset, you have to calm him down. One has to show calm and have positive thinking. It is important to demonstrate authority and make it clear who guides. And that one is sure of you. Thus we will prevent him from taking control of the various situations that arise. If during the course of the ride you start to pull and get nervous, you have to stop and return to calm. One way that results is to lay him down and stroke him several times to make it serene.

It is necessary to pay attention so that it is not in contact with dangerous substances or objects that can cause some harm to you.

Even if you consider it from the family, it is vital that you let him be a  dog : that he sniffs, mark territory, interact with those of his species and with other humans.

You can alternate moments of the ride with games or also jogging to exercise.

It is good to reward him in case we observe good behavior during the walk, as well as stroking and flattering him.

As far as possible, keep the same schedules, and that the temperature is not very hot or very cold. If it is after each meal, better, as you will surely take advantage to make your needs. Always carry bags to collect your waste; today there are biodegradable on the market.

If we share the walk with patience and care, we will surely both have a beautiful experience that we will want to live again. Happy pet and owner!

 The importance of walking your dog three times a day 

As we mentioned before, the walk is one of the most desired moments by our pets, a routine on which their well-being and daily socialization depends. When it comes to having a puppy it is very important to have this routine, as we must teach him to do his needs on the street, allow him to socialize with other dogs or people and make sure that you enjoy this activity. Normally, the walks are in the morning, at noon and in the evening. This time is your dog's, and they need to smell, run, play... not just do their needs and home.

 Every hairy is a world: We must watch them to know how long they can hold without urination 

It is important that we observe them from small to determine how long they can endure without urinating, because every furry is a world. So we can calculate more or less how often we have to go for a walk with him. The most common moments to walk them are usually after sleep and eating.

When they are puppies, they may need to go out to the street 3 to 5 times a day, and they may even need 6 short exits to not urinate at home. Upon reaching their adult stage, most of our pets already know how to urinate and defecate on the street, but it may happen that, after a bad learning, a bad experience or a few days with the revolt gut, your furry may have an “accident” at home. So, how many more times we can get them out, the better.

 Where to go with our pet?  

It is advisable to have several places to take our dog. In this way, the level of stimulation that we will offer you will be higher than if we always go to the same place or make the same route. However, some dogs do not enjoy the changes or are simply very fearful and that is why it is best to provide you with one or several safe areas (parks or places where you feel comfortable) and go there for walks. As simple as it may seem, taking your dog for a walk is a task that has many benefits for your pet's health.

 Tips for the best walks.  

On the walks of our hairy adult, we will have to provide you with a positive, entertaining and sociable activity with other pets, which will noticeably improve your well-being. All this will vary depending on the type of breed that is our  pet  , not all dogs need the same level of activity.

It is important to note that during the ride is much more significant quality than quantity. Any dog should enjoy at least five minutes free without a leash. In this way we will be contributing to improve the quality of the ride and its well-being.
Smell is very important for dogs because it provides mental stimulation. The fact of changing environments is something that is beneficial to any pet, so you can know different smells.
It is recommended to take them out two to three times a day with a minimum time of 30 minutes per departure. In general, the average time that is advised is 2 hours daily walk. But this is not positive only for your pet, so is it for you. It's good for you to go out with her to work out and, at the same time, socialize with different owners.
If you create a walking routine, your furry will give you the stability they need. Do not forget at any time that even if you have enough space at home, you will always need to go out as much as you need it.

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