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The kingdom upside down

Putting limits is caring, caring is to love.


I was told that in the realm backwards the child sends and the adult does not know what to do... It is recurrent in the psychological clinic with children, for adults to say that they do not know how to put limits, that they doubt themselves and until they are afraid that their children tomorrow will love them, to challenge them. These issues have repercussions on school life, where overflowing behavior is repeated daily for not being able to support an area where rules must be complied with. In addition, children make adult life: they go to bed late, watch large programs and movies, have cell phones and computers of adults, dress as adults, etc. And it seems that they are being precipitated to always be in the next stage of life. In an interconsultation with a school, very proudly, the Principal said to me “... we primarize the garden, we secondary primary and college secondary...“I still think these neologisms... among other questions that arise, such as the concepts of development, structuring, psychic constitution times and everything that has to do with the “step by step” that human beings need so much. Putting limits is caring, caring is to  love . Respect their times and their individuals, think them as “children”, contemplating their moments, their needs, their breaks, their interests.For those adults who wonder and embark on the maddening pursuit of the gift of the child's day, a very simple and very cute suggestion: the best gift is to play; the pleasure that the game produces is easily verifiable. Even better if they do it outdoors and with time. Possibly the inner child who enjoys, laughs, imagines, creates, and they will see the happiness that this moment brings to the boys... Happy child's day!

Publication Date: 17/08/2018

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By: LILIANA 24 August, 2018


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