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The Milestone of the Triple Frontier

The unity of three nations that goes beyond a political or geographical boundary.

A landmark is a stone post or any sign nailed to the ground that serves to delimit a territory, indicate distances or the direction of a road. When the scale of the delimitation it represents is considerable, covering a province or, in this case, a country, it probably triggers the assessment of it as a monument. Be it designed, more or less representative, it will acclaim the attention of the people and everyone will want its selfie with this construction. The word milestone also has another meaning, referring to a specific event in the history of something that marks an important moment in the development or process of the site or what it refers to. This is how the milestone of the three borders, located in Puerto Iguazu, Misiones, Argentina; another in Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil and of course another in Ciudad do Este, Paraguay, is charged with a symbolic history as long as the border. Where on three geographically similar coasts, separated by just one river, a different country was born, with different cultures. And these 3 obelisks in each sector seek to support this geographical unity, counteracting the social limit, although each one representing its territory, but generating conceptual and representative unity. It is no coincidence that the construction chosen to represent this monument is an obelisk. An obelisk is a pillar-shaped stone monument with a square cross-section and four equal trapezoidal faces, topped by a small pyramid. The ancient obelisks were carved from a single block of stone, known as monoliths. The latter are also stone elements, but natural, referring to a geographical feature. The value of all this is in a geographical and social context of triple frontier, with dualities over territorial unification or border limit. Opting for an obelisk as a monument in each country seeks to unify culturally based on an objective decision - with a similar element in each one - and to be friendly with nature, not ignoring that the geographical limit exceeds any socio-political division.

Publication Date: 28/06/2018

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