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Football, among other disappointments...

As in life itself, losing a match is not a tragedy.


“I let you bite”, “not hunt for a fulbo”, “what a spout did you throw me”, “strong and in the middle”, “threw it to the grandstand”, “you're off side”... is that sometimes we “are missing a couple of players” to see a little further. Football is a fundamental part of our lives and moves both passions and joys and disappointments.

Losing a match is not a “tragedy,” even if we live it. Every team that enters the court enters to win; the thing is that we must not forget that the rival wants the same thing. As in life itself, there is always another that puts a limit on us and that supposes the possibility of losing. And that is where the rules come into play and you can win, lose or tie, as in human relations, where expectations are not always met. The narcissistic wound is part of our subjectivity as part of the effect of disenchantments, losses, dissatisfaction, unfavorable results and understanding that sometimes or several times it is NOT possible.

However, Freud had already warned us that the circumstances of sadness, injustice, disappointment, are a condition for life and for a society. And it is in such circumstances that human beings begin to dream, to desire, and new resources arise and “creativity” emerges. Then we started to sing, to invent great jokes that instantly spread among friends, word games, we become DT and review what happened a thousand times and we even started to laugh... (may take a while...).

But somehow we begin to look forward and we dream again understanding that you have to live knowing that you can't always.

Publication Date: 23/06/2018

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