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The Merli phenomenon

Is it that Merli is a “phenomenon” because he shows himself as a guy with passions, desires, conflicts, contradictions?


The series Merlí stands out because a professor of Philosophy aims that his teenage students build their own judgment and follow their passions and desires, stimulating both thinking and feeling. It is striking the success of the saga, between so much mega production and spectacular police stories that remain favorite since the time of  Arthur Conan   Doyle, Agatha Christie, Edgar Alan Poe,  who were the parents of this genre who will continue to occupy the center of our fictions. In the classes, Merli puts into practice his teachings through the  Mayeutics of   Socrates, Hegel's Dialectics, the Doubt of Descartes, the discovery of Freud's Unconscious, among other great thinkers  , in a vital and experiential way. He is a teacher who, without losing his teaching role and his place as an adult, approaches the daily life of his students and cares about his problems and distresses. Giving their opinions and actively intervening to help them, both inside and outside the school environment, sometimes with successes sometimes with errors... “is played by the kids.” That's why Merlí is a “phenomenon.” He shows himself as a guy with passions, desires, conflicts, contradictions, a guy who chooses to question educational and political systems, enjoy sex, fight with authority, lie, drink wine, eat, face his problems with his child and with his mother, never losing a sense of humor and joy of living. Now, well... Why would this series have found so many identification points in young people and adults?Why is it that something from love has risen to know? I think it's worth asking ourselves these questions and for that we could get carried away by the methods Merlí teaches and take some time to “philosophize “about it...

Publication Date: 21/08/2018

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By: Anónimotm 21 August, 2018

Pienso que esta serie despierta esa pequeña chispa muy escondida en cada uno que hace cuestionarse así mismo si la sociedad en la que vive es la correcta. Estamos atrapados en un sistema que fomenta el hacer cosas que uno realmente no quiere y cuando uno se da cuenta de esto, lamentablemente, siente que no es capaz de liberarse de dicho sistema, que está atrapado, que no tiene escapatoria, que todo está basado sobre las perspectivas o ideales de la sociedad. Esta serie te hace creer por unos minutos que siendo uno mismo y haciendo lo que uno disfruta va a llegar mas lejos que si sigue por el camino de los ideales de esta sociedad que fomenta la marginación, esclavitud y violencia.

By: laura 06 September, 2018

En respuesta a

Ojala que esa chispa no sea tan pequeña , ni esté tan escondida

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