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The writer and his ghosts

Sábato is probably the most controversial writer in the Spanish-speaking world and not because of his literary production

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Sábato is probably the most controversial writer in the Spanish-speaking world and not because of his literary production, of which Bioy Casares said: "The case of Sábato is curious; he has written little, but that little is so vulgar that it overwhelms us like a copious work". On the other hand, Albert Camus (Nobel Prize winner) praised the book El Túnel in various circles and promoted its translation into French. Most of his detractors are based on the relationship Sábato had throughout his life with military regimes; a curious thing, considering that he became president of the Communist Party at the age of 24. Since he left by escaping through the window of a first floor in Brussels, during a Lenilist congress, after having fervently discussed with his comrades the application of the Marxist-Leninist doctrine. Within this relationship with the military dictatorships, we can highlight the position he accepted as Controller of the magazine Mundo Argentino during the Libertadora Revolution, the praise he lavished on General Onganía after the coup d'état to Illia, and the words of praise he had with General Videla after having shared a lunch, in which Jorge Luis Borges and the priest writer Castellani were also present. Sábato said he thought the dictator was a good man, moderate, educated and intelligent. Years later, Dr. Alfonsin appointed him president of CONADEP, where the writer participated, along with other personalities of the time, in the drafting of the "Nunca Más" (Never Again), known as the "Informe Sábato" (Saturday Report), which details the disappearances that occurred during the process. These contradictions are also present in your private life. Beatriz Guido, lover and then wife of Leopoldo Torre Nilsson, tells in her memoirs that Leopoldo and Ernesto had rented a bulín in Avenida de Mayo for their love affairs. Usually Sabato used it in the morning and she used it with Leopoldo in the afternoon. Whenever they arrived and had not yet passed the maid they found the apartment a mess, with a tossed bed and sheets and pillows on the floor. This sexual fury aroused their curiosity to know who Ernesto's fiery companion would be. One morning Beatriz and Leopoldo settled down in a café in front of the apartment door to wait for the lovers. Rato then saw Sabato arrive alone and with several books under his arm and after half an hour he also left alone and with the same books. They both looked at each other mischievously and without saying anything, crossed the street and entered the apartment thinking they could find the woman taking a well-deserved nap. They were surprised and disappointed when they opened the door and found the apartment empty and with a tattered bed.

Publication Date: 24/06/2019

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By: Maria Jose Villamil 10 June, 2018

Muy interesante y divertida !

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