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Do you know Casa Rosada?

Chapter 21 - The Balcarce Gallery 50: It occupies the location of the alley through which the carriages were circulating towards Taylor Customs.

 Chapter 21: Balcarce Gallery 50 

It occupies the place where was the alley where the carriages were circulating to  Taylor Customs . When President   Julio A. Roca   commissioned the unification of the two buildings that make up the    Casa Rosada   (Correos and the former Government House), the passage turned into a large covered courtyard that is entered through the central arch of  Balcarce 50  , also known as  Arch of Tamburini  by Italian architect  Francisco Tamburini  , author of its design.

This gallery shows the plaster on which the sculpture of   General Manuel Belgrano  was based, work by the artist  José Fioravanti , designed for   Monument to the Flag of the City of Rosario .