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Do you know Casa Rosada?

Chapter 15 - Eva Perón Hall: It was used by Eva Perón as one of her offices when she presided over the foundation that bore her name.


Chapter 15: Eva Perón Hall 

It was used by   Eva Perón   as one of her offices when she presided over the foundation that bore her name. Photographs are exhibited showing some highlights of  Eva  's life and a cap she wore at the 1949  Youth Championships  .

From here, you can access the historic balcony on the first floor from which various presidents addressed, on various occasions, the Argentine people gathered in   Plaza de Mayo  .

Structurally, it is composed of two spaces. In the largest, where today the meetings of the national cabinet are held, there are a large and monumental oak table and twenty-eight chairs, two of them larger and with the  national shield. 

It was originally the  Hall of Shields of the Ministry of the Interior . The ceiling is decorated with moldings of different reliefs, formats and shades, fresco paintings with allegories on celestial background and golden stars and, on its perimeter, with the  shields of the Argentine Provinces  (c. 1890).

In the other smaller space, you can see a sober furniture that includes a set of armchairs, a mouse table and one of  Eva Perón 's desks.

See  Chapter 14 

Source: Casa

Publication Date: 21/09/2019

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