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Distinguished Architects Overlooking World Expo 2023

Maria Roibón and Claudia Pilar, architects of UNNE, were distinguished in a design competition that aims at World Expo 2023.


A project of researchers from the  National University of the Northeast (UNNE)  received a special mention in the framework of the international competition for the design of “public space”. This was held with a view to the " World Expo 2023 “, one of the most convening events in the world.

 Buenos Aires  was chosen as the venue of the Universal Exhibition 2023, for the first time since 1851 will host a Latin American country. It will be held at the  Tecnópolis site, will last three months (January-April 2023) and the presence of 100,000 visitors per day is expected.

For the organization of the event, six international competitions were opened for the design of the infrastructure of the premises that will host the Exhibition. Organized by the Central Society of Architects (SCA), the College of Architects of the Province of Buenos Aires (CAPBA), and sponsored by the Argentine Federation of Architects Entities (FADEA).

A total of 199 works were presented with the participation of at least 2000 architects and  engineers  from around the world. One of the most comprehensive was the so-called “Public Space, Boulevard and Bridge”. It covered the design of a public space that, at the end of the Expo, would become a large park of science and  knowledge .

Special Mention

In this competition received a special mention the project of architects  María José Roibón  and  Claudia Alejandra Pilar  . They are teaching researchers at the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism (FAU-UNNE) and Faculty of Engineering (FAI-UNNE), respectively.

The authors highlighted the mention received and highlighted the collaboration in the project of  Elías Romero ,  Lara Rojas ,  Adriana Medina and  Fernando Alberto . As the architects Roibón and Pilar mention in the project, the proposed design aims to generate memorable experiences. Visitors will be able to experience them through all their senses.

“This recognition at national and international level highlights and ratifies the quality and creativity of the architectural professionals who are trained in our university,” said the architects Roibón and Pilar, distinguished by their  World Expo 2023 project.

Source:  Corrientes Hoy 

Publication Date: 14/12/2019

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