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We demand ourselves to be well at all costs, and when we feel bad we judge ourselves with the same hostility with which we demand to surrender more and more.

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There is a great widespread fatigue that irritates, burdens and sick too. We are demanding a lot for performance .  Today we are our own bosses much more hostile — perhaps — than a head of a job in relation to dependence.It is also a time when we demand ourselves to be well at all costs, and when we feel bad we judge ourselves with the same hostility with which we demand to surrender more and more.We are living from a conflict mentality and clearly not we are calm, we do not enjoy the family, the moments of leisure, of life... We are anxious to get “the cute” and because it goes “ugly”. Eager for everything.We work all the time and believe that “being our own bosses” is better. However, we have changed the executioner from outside to the inside and created new problems: we are hostile to ourselves, not only do we demand ourselves but also blame ourselves if we don't do everything and punish ourselves for it, which gives us a lot of anxiety.  Are we really heading towards a better life?We say we're tired of the amount of work and things we have to do, but who imposes it on us? Only us, for the desire for performance and productivity. We are forgotten automatic beings of heart, affections, true rest (without phones or computers). We are anxious to do and do, we are irritable that we cannot “fulfill” the demanded personal agenda... Being hostile to ourselves is not a good way to relate to others as we are in a constant battle with ourselves. If we treat ourselves badly, we'll treat others badly. In this way we do not generate calm, but we say that we want to live quietly... It seems that demanding a greater performance is NOT producing us happiness, serenity and joy... Therefore, we could rethink whether that really is what we want to do about our lives or if we are being carried by the “must be” .Excessive tiredness, anxiety and panic attack are products of how we are living. But it's never too late if we want to live from another place...  Suggestions for undoing anxiety:
  • Make ourselves aware that anxiety is within us and that beyond the problems we may have, we can live them from calm where we will surely find optimal solutions.
  • Give us a 5 minute break — quietly and closing our eyes — at least 3 times a day to give up excessive thinking and connect with the heart (consciousness).
  • Deciding to abandon self-demand, pure hostility to ourselves.
  • Let us be wrong, without judging ourselves... being at peace with the feeling that arises.
  • Practicing meditation, mental relaxation or some discipline that we consider brings peace.
  • Be nice to ourselves.
Knowing each other and looking at each other makes it possible for us to decide again if we think we're wrong. And the path marks us HOW WE FEEL: THE HEART.Do we worship the mind — ego— or do we align ourselves to our hearts —conscience—?

Publication Date: 10/10/2018

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