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Wealth is in the interpretation and evolution of thought by itself


When an architect is formed, he acquires by transfer or pedagogical methods that teach him to think for himself, without pre-established canons and putting in crisis what exists, for better or for worse, own methods of making architecture. We stayed as valid the second way. It is not that knowledge transfer is wrong, nobody is born knowing, but that applies to technical and paradigmatic questions, not projectual thinking.

The currents - established ways of thinking or doing this discipline - are valid and were key in the birth of modernism, which is the cradle of our current architecture. While postmodernism or today is looking for a “back to the basics” at times, as one who forgets where it comes from, he should not and cannot ignore modernism as the birth of what we build and live today.

Resuming, the currents were necessary to share generalized paradigms designed to reverse and empower themselves. They're the base. For that reason, we must not stay at the base, already having advanced, and put these currents into crisis and “marry none”, allowing discipline to generate new things and evolve along with society.

It is not ignoring the old, it is to respect and value it, understanding that something can be as good as it is wrong; put it in crisis, challenge it, rethink it, and take care of it and not lose it at the same time.

In summary

The wealth of a professional, is in how malleable it is, without sinning of eclectic in his style -or why not - but it does adapt to sites, needs of programs that do not dialogue with his “marked current” and can take the best of each type of old or current thought and bring out something good.

There are varied styles, marked by history, current societies, climates and many other factors. However, the essence should be an understanding of the site, operation and proposed need, and the architect, as resource adaptable to those 3 pillars. If his style - which is not a “current” - can speak the same language as mentioned above, the architect will put his essence into the work and will continue with its current. But it's not always possible. Wealth lies in the interpretation and evolution of thought by itself.

Publication Date: 20/09/2018

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