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How to paint a picture

Painting is not only a matter of talent; there are also rules. Like everything in life.

Personas pintando cuadros

A logical question among those who perform other types of activities.

The artist has something to tell, through his own poetics, but using “ the   laws”  that make art; as well as his own law and all kinds of profession have his own. The difference with the Law, to make a comparison, is that even if he is a passionate and good speech person, he will not be able to defend anyone judicially, without knowledge of the laws.

In  art  it is also impossible to achieve an aesthetic fact without this knowledge of laws, in this case artistic. This demitifies that the artist is  “genius”  by inspiration or talent alone. The  “what to paint” ,  “how” happens after deciding the appropriate and chosen  “laws of art” for that painting; those that are apprehended from the artistic tradition.

With football, the parallelism would be if you are going to play ball or are going to do it professionally, where  talents  arise only from responding to certain rules. Then you'll be  Messi , or a good professional.

In short: on the web you are not free and on the football field either. The fabric to be painted, has its intrinsic conditions and must be studied; easy to acquire teachings from those who know how to transmit it.

From this, you can be a great painter and get excited to make a work, as with a goal achieved, although with less expressive and bodily theatricality. The game of art is playful, but with laws.

Like everything in life.

Techniques for painting paintings and learning

To start painting, one of the first lessons has to do with the  technique , which is nothing more than the different ways in which they dissolve and fix the color pigments. Each one has its qualities, there is no better than another, they are simply different and depending on the experience of the painter and what you want to achieve with the work, it will be the most appropriate choice.

 Acrylic paint : It is ideal for beginners because it dries very quickly and that allows painting on some possible error. It is also economical and dissolves in water, so there is no need for extra expensive or specific materials.

 Oil painting : as the name implies, it dissolves in vegetable oils. One of its main characteristics is the time it takes for drying. While it may be a problem to advance with the work, it allows you to mix colors with ease. It is one of the most used by professionals.

 Watercolor - this technique builds light colors. Pigments are fixed on a product that is obtained from acacias, gum arabic. To dissolve it, it requires only water. It is suitable for painting on paper, due to its adhesion to it.

 Airbrushing -  in this technique acrylics or aerosol enamels are used. You can also count on a diffuser device (airbrush).

 Cake -  this technique is somewhat complex. Powdered pigments are mixed with resins to form bars or crayons. The disadvantage is that it has little adhesion. Its effect is very particular, opaque colors remain.

 Chinese ink : this pigment is usually obtained in black or sepia color. Its texture is liquid, although it is also found in powder to dilute in water. Instead of a brush, pens are used and is known for use in calligraphy. Many of us who already have several “turns in the sun” will remember the school subject in which we had to practice letters with Chinese ink and stains on our hands and uniform. It was quite an odyssey to get home clean.

 Mixed media : finally, we find the mixed technique that consists of using two or more combinations of techniques for the same work. The latter may be to experiment with time. Step by step.

Publication Date: 23/06/2018

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