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Coca Cola in Argentina

A brand that knows us better than ourselves.


Argentines enjoyed the brand since 1942, when Coca Cola Company decided to settle in our country to produce and lead as in all corners of the world.

Nothing you say could bring new data from this world colossus and obviously any information about it would not be sought on our site. However, it is very interesting to tell you about the great debate it produces in our sales team when it comes to the analysis to add it as an advertiser.

Nobody knows the origin of Coca Cola, nor does our essence and our contents based on argentinities. This is where the celestial and white is born, taking our thoughts towards a good variable, to conclude that Manaus is a good alternative. I imagine the thought of you readers, saying “give it skinny, it's Coca Cola and if you decide to participate, you will achieve your mission.” Probably yes, but not because they are the kings of capitalism or because of their economic power.

Our balance weighs, and a lot, the investment you apply in our country, the source of employment it offers to thousands of compatriots and the service it provides us day by day, but above all, the message it conveys in each of its campaigns and the values it spreads, touching our deepest essence: the pride of Being Argentino.

The advertising agency Grey Argentina designed for Coca-Cola this new commercial that highlights aspects of Argentine culture. Through different situations that reveal characteristics of our way of being (always accompanies a lot of people, suffering for the Argentine National Football Team, applause for the grill and for the pilot, roast on a balcony, etc.), the campaign invites people to be united and proposes a new point of view in a challenging context for the country, under the concept “together we will find a way”.

Publication Date: 08/02/2019

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