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Coats, capped and sacks autumn winter 2019

The fashion of the autumn-winter 2019 season is full of novelties and designs that will continue to be trend.


As we do not want the low temperatures to catch us unawares, we are already giving you some tips on what is coming in the collections of winter 2019 in Argentine brands.
The star garment in the cold season is the coat, and today we look at all those new designs and those that will remain in force. Crusaders, checkered, houndstooth, trench style... The proposals are numerous.
If you are thinking of renewing your collection of coats, or simply want to know which ones will be worn, check out the list of fashion coats winter 2019.
Tapes and printed
sacks In checkered coats the possibilities go far beyond plaid, ranging from XL plaid to tiny ones.
All animal prints will be allowed, whether leopard, zebra or tiger, but unlike other seasons, they will retain their original colours. Fur coats will be clearly the most marked by this print, although this will be present a little in all models.

Trech Trench quickly forgot its war origins to become the must-have piece of all cabinets. There is no doubt that, if there is a coat that has marked style in all seasons thanks to its timeless look, it is the trench or trench coat, because, in addition to being a super functional coat, it allows us to add a high dose of style to our more casual outfits as well as to many more sophisticated looks.

Synthetic fur capped and sacks
Plush hairs impose a season more a strong trend. They can be seen in several colors, such as shades of beige, red, blue, mustard and orange, being able to see them in complete proposals in these colors as well as in others that adopt them on a smaller scale.

Leather capped
postmodern black aesthetics and latex and patent leather finishes, which give a futuristic look.

Quilted camperons
Autumn trends include quilted jackets and coats in all colors. Feather coats have been imposed by trends for several winters.

Campera in denim of all colors. This autumn, give light to your style with slightly more cheerful colors than usual, and plush or lamb lining that bring warmth. The sheepskin is allowed to peek through the seams, pockets and any other detail that can be customized.

Fitted sacks
Tweed jackets, which is a rough, warm and durable woolen fabric, are the order of the day. The texture is openwork and elastic, similar to that of cheviot, but tighter.

Woking blazer
Without giving up the indispensable wardrobe background, as it is a classic executive, we will choose to combine it with different colors.

Source: NotiLook

Publication Date: 10/03/2019

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