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Carla Andrea, winner of the fifth edition of the BA Fashion Authors contest

Garments dyed with yerba and cotton without agrotoxics: designers seek to wear nature in clothing under the concept of sustainable fashion.

Carla Andrea

Dyeing garments with  yerba mate  or avocado leather, using agrotoxic-free cotton and limiting the stock according to orders to contribute to responsible consumption are mechanisms that use  Argentine apparel designers  , looking to wear nature in the dress under the concept of  sustainable fashion .

From the selection of materials to the method of sale and consumption, they are part of this craft process developed in their collections by Argentine designers  Carla Andrea Escalera and Mauro Pesoa , winners of the fifth edition of Fashion Authors BA, within the framework of Fashion Week.

This is a cycle open to all audiences, which will run until August 31 in the city of Buenos Aires, to offer a wide range of free activities linked to the fashion ecosystem, value chain and clothing design.

“I work fashion from a sustainable perspective, the garments in my collections are naturally printed or pigmented and so the colors convey a lot the nature that inspires me my native Tierra del Fuego,” described  Carla Andrea Escalera , 26, who currently lives in   La Plata  .

The artisanal work of this designer, whose father is Bolivian and her mother raised in the Finnish colony of the Argentine coast, is reflected in every detail of her pieces by her formation, creativity and the heritage of generations of seamstresses in her family.

“Garments are dyed with household waste, such as yerba mate, onion husks and avocado skins, under a quality process that is guaranteed to be marketed,” he said.

Through a kind of infusion in very large pots, textiles are stained and a very wide palette of shades is achieved that rescues the colors of nature and endures over time, Carla described about her Py'aguasú collection.

“ My mom and my grandparents worked on the harvest of the different materials provided by the soil, mainly yerba mate, so I wanted to pay them a little tribute,” he said.

This inspiration from family origins is also conveyed in his collection Oficio Ancestral Mauro Pesoa, 26 years old from  Rosario , who in his childhood went to live in  Formosa  where her parents moved in search of work.

After finishing his  fashion studies, in 2013 he created his brand with which he mixes family trade, mimbrería, with clothing design.

“In all my collections the wicker appears because it is my family trade, for example in bags, wallets, shoulder bags or shoes,” said Mauro.

Its Oficio Ancestral collection features white wimbres and noble materials such as cotton and canvas, all in natural color to show their essence.

The designer reported that he is experimenting with other materials, which he did not yet include in his collections: “For example, I'm working with engineers to create a wicker fabric.”

“I also tried banana leaves in hand envelopes, and I would like to work, from the sustainable, with agrotoxic-free cotton that is generated in the Chaco,” aggó.

Craftsmanship, sustainability gaze and gender-free clothing are common points in the collections of both designers, who last week exhibited their collections in a parade at the Buenos Aires Convention Center.

“This is the second edition of ' BA Fashion Week ' and the idea is to put under the same calendar umbrella all the links that make up the value chain of the fashion industry, from universities and shoppings to schools,” explained Télam Vero Ivaldi, coordinator Fashion  of the City Government .

Ivaldi added that this cycle is intended for all audiences, and the schedule of activities can be viewed on the  @bamodaok  account on Instagram.

Source: Telam

Publication Date: 29/08/2019

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