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A survey that determined that ARGENTINA is the country with the most pets per capita in the world!

We know that the Argentinean is a very petty person, although it is clear that we are more than that, we are lovers of all living beings with whom we can share our lives and who can give and receive love. In 2016 there was a survey that determined that ARGENTINA IS THE COUNTRY WITH THE MOST PETS PER CAPITA IN THE WORLD! Followed by Mexico, Russia and the United States. 80% of Argentines have at least one pet, but many of these households have up to two or more. It is also detailed that more than 65% have dogs and just over 30% choose cats. The survey was conducted by GfK SE, a multinational market research company. We treat them as part of our family, with the same rights, care and affection that any of us would receive. They are no longer left, as before, in the backyard, eating the leftovers from our meals, bathing when it rains, taking her to the vet only as a last resort, etc. Customs that luckily are well in the past. Now they sleep next to us with their own beds or with us.... they eat foods that are especially balanced and balanced in nutrition, they go to the vet regularly, we vaccinate them every time, we give them anti-parasites, anti-fleas, we take X-rays, ultrasounds, we operate them when necessary, we take them to hairdressers specialized in cuts by race, we bathe them with special shampoos, we dress them, we put beautiful accessories on them, we identify them with chip or special dyes, we perfume them, we put specific products on them to improve their hair. Due to this love/fanaticism we have for them, the service market has had to adapt itself to meet such a high demand, or is it not common to see new Pet Shop and dog grooms opening their doors in all the neighbourhoods? Also by logic, the different municipalities of CABA, the suburbs and the interior have understood, in many cases, that this demographic explosion of pets must be accompanied by appropriate policies, norms, dispositions, vaccination campaigns, castration, signposting for their owners to comply in squares and green spaces. So you know, we Argentines as pet fans are not beaten by anyone.

Publication Date: 18/06/2018

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