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Attention to the flat noses

Have you noticed that some dogs breathe making sounds like piggy?

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Have you noticed that some dogs breathe making sounds like piggy?

It's funny to us, but it's not a very normal thing, in fact, some dogs get scared when they see and hear these dogs approach making those sounds as if they were snoring.

The artificial selection that occurs when crossing these dogs keeps this characteristic in the puppies and each time these characteristics are becoming more noticeable, so that the flat noses of before were not as flat as those of now.

Dogs with short muzzle and flat nose often have difficulty or trouble breathing and gasping compared to long muzzle dogs.

Remember that dogs do not sweat in the same way as humans do, for a dog gasping is the way they have to inhale fresh air and exhale warm air and is their cooling system for the whole body; it is essential for all dogs and not being able to do it easily — like dogs with junk noses — causes an increase in body temperature, as well as respiratory problems and good oxygenation.

In hot weather this is VERY dangerous because your body temperature can rise more easily and not being able to cool enough, they can suffer a heat stroke. Keep them in the shade and in cool places, always keep fresh water at hand so you can refresh yourself whenever you need it.

We always recommend avoiding the use of the hanger collar, but above all, we find it delicate to do so with these breeds, as further limiting air access to your system can be deadly. A dog that in its normal state has difficulty breathing, that pulls on the leash with great force and that wears a hanger will most likely begin to show signs of drowning, such as cough, purple tongue, red eyes, may even fade and we will have to give artificial respiration.

To avoid having any unpleasant surprise, if you have a dog of some breed with a flat face, we recommend you to be cautious and practice sparingly intense exercises such as swimming, running, cycling, bringing ball or frisbee and observing it whenever you are in warm and humid places. like the beach.

Breeds or mixture of breeds with a tendency to have a flat face: 

Bulldog French Bulldog
Dogo de Bordeaux
Lhasa Apso
Sits Tzu Source: Super Puppies

Publication Date: 06/07/2019

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