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Architects should be aware of the non-private space, on which they do not charge fees but intervene.

Definition of Architect by Wikipedia: The architect is the professional who is in charge of designing, designing, directing the construction and maintenance of buildings, urbanizations, cities and structures of various types. His art is based on reflecting on concepts of living under social needs. It is a professional with a higher level of education, which requires a deep technical, artistic and social training. Designing buildings, urban spaces or various structures and ensuring the proper development of their construction and maintenance is the consequence of this reflection, generating an environment and habitable spaces for human beings. We must make the terms Architecture and Urbanism independent. Although in our country the title qualifies for both, the knowledge to make urbanism is acquired by the architect insofar as he constructs during his training and experience a social conscience and a capacity for reflection in relation to the influence of urban intervention, either of a master plan, or individual houses or urban furniture, encompassing them as elements that form the urban space, which they have on the daily life of people from the use of the public space designed or resulting from it. Each house, private or public building, has a responsibility in the construction of the plot, of influence on the public space, on which each architect should reflect and intend and not ignore. The building code regulates this in relation to the plot, but not in relation to the use of ground floors and contributions to the public environment. The gates on the municipal line, the elevated towers and their shadows, the bad designs of people's entry and exit, are all factors on which decisions are made and they have to have a thought of "what I am going to generate by doing this". In conclusion: architecture is not only in itself, but also has other disciplines that collaborate with each other and on which its performance is intervened. The social character of architecture is indispensable and irrevocable. Not all architects are town planners, but they should be aware of the non-private space, on which they do not charge fees but also intervene.

Publication Date: 31/07/2018

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