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Are we going to be able to hug at Christmas?

In a special program, Dr. López Rosetti was thrilled by a question from Rodolfo Barili. How's our Christmas going to be?

Lopez Rosetti

Being away from the people we love hurts. Not being able to hug, take a mate or just share a moment. We know it's for the best, but the question that's going around in everyone's head is how long? The reality is, no one knows for sure . And even the most professional suffer from it. In a Telefespecial, Dr. Daniel López Rosettiwas thrilled until the tears before a question of Rodolfo Barili: “How do you imagine Christmas?” - Yeah .

With the conduction of Dr. Daniel López Rosetti and the team of Telefe Noticias , the channel aired the special Juntos Podemos, with coverage on the coronavirus. During the broadcast, the doctor answered questions about the progress of the pandemic and quarantine in an open office. Rodolfo Barili, Cristina Pérez, Germán Paoloski, Milva Castellini, Adrián Puente, Érica Fontana, Nacho Girón, Guillermo Panizza and Mariano García participated from their homes and held consultations.

“ I think we're going to have a nice Christmas”

It was a question from Barili that provoked an emotional moment for the doctor, which showed that even the most professional are touched by this situation that we are experiencing. “Yesterday we were talking to Cristina on the air about a wedding in which the bride and groom kiss with their chin because it is forbidden to take it out. And there I thought about Christmas, and I said, “Will we have a lot of time like this, or do you imagine that, at some point, all these measures that are so painful today will begin to loosen them up?” How do you imagine Christmas?”


tears, Lopez Rosetti replied: “What a nice question that is not in the books, you are making me cry. It's not in the books and I don't know what to tell you... I hope she's pretty. I think she's gonna be really cute and I think this is gonna happen. I think we're gonna have a nice Christmas. We beat the virus for sure, we said it from day one. The theme is the cost, if we move the ball well, the cost will be lower and we will get well to Christmas.”

It's what we all want. Which, then of such a difficult year and in the face of a reality that none of us expected, we can end up celebrating with those we love most and — hopefully — giving us a strong Hug. That's just it.

Publication Date: 17/04/2020

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