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An icon of our independence

Conscious independence is progressive and evolutionary in life, why shouldn't it also be in architecture?


How to physically identify a monument? You can't. - Why? - Why? Because it can represent different objects or a monolith or, why not, a house. And what better than La casa de Tucumán to be an icon of our independence at the national level.

It is located in San Miguel de Tucumán, where 202 years ago the independence of our country was declared as a Spanish colony. Today it is more like a museum; but what is important is not what it exhibits, which is representative, but the literality of what happened there.

It is curious to highlight the architectural type of the house, which at times wants to become independent of the Spanish style but taking valuable aspects, such as the layout of the program in “bar”, feeding the various programs by a corridor that works as a gallery to the interior courtyards. They are places of meeting and leisure, in which designs of parking or intentional floors are extended. Either trying to distance itself from the Spanish style with the symmetry of the access on the facade, or the almost complete dispossession of ornaments. However, it is another variant of colonial architecture, with clear, coherent and spontaneous buildings, whose programs are associated with specific needs and this can be seen in the different distributions of the floor spaces, as well as the scale and hierarchy of them.

Other features of the colonial era include the use of door frames, iron for window bars, white walls with deep niches for windows and doors. All the constructions are very homogeneous and only the interior carpets as an architectural element - and a variant of screeds - bring some color to the spaces.

Beyond the fact that each construction follows so literal the colonial paradigms of the moment, it is also interesting how throughout history a gradual independence of it emerges, taking and enhancing valuable aspects and leaving aside expendable aspects. Conscious independence is progressive and evolutionary in life, why shouldn't it also be in architecture?

Publication Date: 09/07/2020

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